Shaping Our Environment

Shaping Our Environment

The Power Of Our Surroundings

 June 2016 Insights

Now with the feel of the summer months upon us…everything in bloom, lawns and trees becoming a deep shade of green, temperatures getting warmer, and daylight hours getting longer, I thought this be a great time to take my monthly newsletter to highlight the significance our environment has upon our energy levels. I think like our health this is one major variable that we women tend to back burner and underestimate the impact it has on our levels of stress, as well as how willing and enthusiastic we are to bust some moves to motivate and get going on what we want in and for our lives. Though environmental factors aren’t always under our control you’d be surprised to learn how we can manage them more effectively so we can enhance our performance and inevitably our wellbeing.

we_make_our_1Personally environmental variables plays a huge influence on my levels of productivity. I’m heavily affected by the weather, conditions of my working, living, and playing surroundings, time of day, as well as the resources I have available to me (e.g. technology, access to food and drink, comfort of clothing), all playing a key role in creating the most optimal environment for me to be most successful. The funny thing is I don’t even think many us of realize how much we tolerate a less than desirable environment for ourselves. And though yes many environmental factors aren’t always under our control (you can’t stop the rain from falling or how bad the allergy season will be) we can learn to manage them more effectively so they don’t entirely zap our levels of motivation as well as identify how we can possibly better assist ourselves to change our “attitude” around those things we have limited ability to control.

Since we all respond so differently to environmental influences the first thing to determine is your own self awareness around what factors in your environment influence you in a positive or negative way. Below you’ll find a list of conditions and settings to consider…

  • Climate/weather
  • Time of day
  • Adequacy of lighting
  • Presence of distracting noise
  • Conditions you are working, living, playing within, the space-general upkeep
  • Availability of food and drink
  • Convenience of where you are at (i.e transportation to and from, rest room facilities, other amenities).
  • Equipment available to you (i.e.state of the art technology, phones, comfort of working or resting chairs, desk, tables)
  • Proper and comfortable clothing/gear regarding intentions for performance

Now consider what is your ideal environmental setting to best thrive in? And is your current environment working for you or against you…whether it be while you are working, living, or playing. More importantly what can you do to enhance your environment and what choices can you make to foster the most optimal experiences?

Remember it’s all about creating an environment that works for you, supports and lifts you up, not detracts from your performance. Of course, environmental influencers can unexpectedly change on us so with that understanding it is equally important to learn how to not only adapt to changing environments but anticipate what kind of adverse conditions could occur so you can best prepare to adjust accordingly. For example, having printouts of a presentation should a tech problem arise, bringing an umbrella or wearing a raincoat/gear should the weather be questionable, or simply making sure to bring water or a snack knowing this may be not be accessible.

Lastly and most importantly for those environmental conditions we cannot control or have limited ability to manage, we can learn how to foster a better “attitude” regarding them. This is going to be an integral component to assisting ourselves to our greatest levels of success…instead of letting conditions affect our energy, we can change our perspective about them. Yes, of course we may prefer a different environment to access our highest potentials, however, we can choose to have great energy even in less than optimal surroundings and chose to see the glass as half full and not empty. This is where the tool of reframing will lend a big hand. Please go to the “How It Works” link on my website and click on “Valuable Downloads” to learn more about this great coaching tool or better yet reach out and contact me to set up a complimentary session. I’d love to have an opportunity to support and explore enhancing not only your most ideal environmental surroundings to thrive in but assist in any and all aspects of your life that can create the most optimal experiences for yourself overall!


Wishing You Always

The Best Of Success



Go Anti-Hibernation

Go Anti-Hibernation

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Intrinsic vs. Extrinsic Rewards

Intrinsic vs. Extrinsic Rewards

Does The Ends Always Justify The Means?

 May 2015 Insights

I’ll be the first one to admit…it’s feels really good to jump on a scale and find myself to be 5lbs lighter after committing to a month of clean eating and consistent exercise. Undeniably, I get tremendous satisfaction when I rock a presentation and land myself a new client or two. Extrinsic rewards, those tangible benefits of a particular job or activity, which is external to the job itself are undoubtably highly motivating. But what about the power of intrinsic rewards, motivation we derive from an outcome that gives an individual personal satisfaction from a job well done. Such as the feelings of enjoyment, pride, security, strength, empowerment, and vitality. While extrinsic rewards can often provide us the push we need to enhance our lives in order to obtain a reward (i.e. more money, friendships, fitting into size 6 jeans) or avoid a punishment (i.e being fired, having high blood pressure, little to no fun & enjoyment in our lives), research indicates that the staying power is in the intrinsic rewards. (more…)

Essentials For Sustaining Success

Essentials For Sustaining Success


Keeping Your Fire Stoked

December 2014 Insights

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Discover The Live2Thrive Process

Discover The Live2Thrive Process

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 September 2014 Insights

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