Resist The Urge To Hibernate

 February 2016 Insights

With dead of the winter upon us and the holiday season no longer luring us out of our homes to keep us busy, the temptation to hibernate heightens for many of us. Like bears we humans experience a state of “winter lethargy”. But unlike bears we humans do not need to preserve our energy stores nor lock ourselves in our caves to beat the elements. In fact, contrary to how hibernation works for a bear’s survival it can be rather counterproductive for us human beings.

blog_feb15Resist the urge to hibernate this winter, I know it’s tempting but just because the temperature has dropped it doesn’t mean we have to wait until springtime to attend to our self-development. Sure maybe it will require being a little bit more creative to assist ourselves to motivate but there are some key ways to prevent succumbing to the urge to hibernate….

 “Anti-Hibernation” Tips

  • Keep Yourself Stimulated– Sign up for a class, get to the gym, explore a new interest, expand on your passions. Entice your mind, body, and/or spirit to release those endomorphs.
  • Socialize– Schedule lunch dates, coffee catch ups, dinner with those who are nurturing and energizing to be around. Researchers have found that people are more productive when they are around other people than when they are alone—and the “boost” is the same for introverts and extroverts. Being around people you feel supported and inspired by creates an upward spiral of energy, lessening our tendency to go underground.
  • Think Happy Thoughts– It’s challenging keeping our moods elevated during the grey, cold days of winter. They don’t call it the “winter blues” for nothing. Now is the time to be especially attentive to those counterproductive thoughts before they gain any momentum. This is a great time of the year to start a gratitude journal. Jot down three things daily you are grateful for. The act of expressing gratitude can have a heart-warming and uplifting effect on our moods for the rest of the day.

You may find yourself, literally and figuratively, needing to hit the snooze button more than usual this month but you don’t have to totally surrender to the lure of the winter doldrums. Be intentional…fight the urge, it will all be worthwhile when you emerge into the spring just as mentally, physically, and emotionally on point as you were before the winter.

As always

Wishing You The Best Of Success