Does The Ends Always Justify The Means?

 May 2015 Insights

I’ll be the first one to admit…it’s feels really good to jump on a scale and find myself to be 5lbs lighter after committing to a month of clean eating and consistent exercise. Undeniably, I get tremendous satisfaction when I rock a presentation and land myself a new client or two. Extrinsic rewards, those tangible benefits of a particular job or activity, which is external to the job itself are undoubtably highly motivating. But what about the power of intrinsic rewards, motivation we derive from an outcome that gives an individual personal satisfaction from a job well done. Such as the feelings of enjoyment, pride, security, strength, empowerment, and vitality. While extrinsic rewards can often provide us the push we need to enhance our lives in order to obtain a reward (i.e. more money, friendships, fitting into size 6 jeans) or avoid a punishment (i.e being fired, having high blood pressure, little to no fun & enjoyment in our lives), research indicates that the staying power is in the intrinsic rewards.

heart_vs_carrotTapping into the “feelings” we want to experience daily not only encourages sustainability of a successful and fulfilling life but also broadens our availability of the resources and action steps we can take to align with how we want to feel. Rather then only seeing more money earned, further credentials obtained, and increased “likes” on our facebook page as a barometer of success, we can rely on how we want to feel to guide us to to make better decisions to take action steps that support the experience of those desired feelings. So the goal in life becomes more about being proud, energized, secure, capable, connected, or purposeful etc… And the strategy to make that happen may include but are not exclusive to eating better, socializing more, having a job with medical benefits, getting more sleep, organizing our homes, writing a book, completing a marathon…the list now becomes  endless and no one thing or person holds the power to define the occurrence of a desired feeling, only the pursuit in experiencing the feelings in and of itself.

This month I ask you to try it out, identify one specific feeling you want to experience with greater consistency. Align with that one feeling everyday and ask yourself what is one step/action you can take today that supports experiencing that feeling? Watch how your external goals will organically shift into a more comfortable place of obtainment and as a result greater fulfillment will occur across the board. Remember, the end doesn’t always justify the means if our external rewards compromise how much fun were having along the way in obtaining them!


Wishing You Always The Best Of Success