Women’s Empowerment Coach…what is that exactly?

 September 2014 Insights

Though all of you who read my newsletters know I am a women’s self-empowerment life coach who specializes in working with women ready to step out and live life to the fullest, many are still unsure of how I actually do this. So I thought I’d take this month’s Keys To Success Insights and share more specifically what my coaching program is all about and how it assists women to tap into their potential, break thru their life plateaus and create a life that is truly thriving.

empowerment2The Live2Thrive process, the coaching program I specifically developed is based on six key elements addressing the common challenges women have maintaining a place for themselves while also trying to balance the many demands in their complex lives. Let’s face it, in this fast paced world we live in, it’s not uncommon for women to find themselves merely just surviving rather than thriving. Often as women, our dedication and commitment to others overrides our ability to take care of ourselves, stunting our own self-development. How would your life be different if you Live2Thrive rather then just get by?

Discover The Live2Thrive Process

Element #1: Learn How To Put Your Best Effort Into Areas That Will Have The Greatest Impact In Your Life– It’s not just a matter of learning how to prioritize and organize your life. Sure, everyone can benefit from learning how to more effectively manage their time but first and most often neglected is gaining clarity on what areas of your life are most important to YOU. Not Barbara your next door neighbor or Maggie from the office. But what inspires YOU to be the best person YOU can be because at the end of the day if your daily actions don’t align with those aspects of your life that have the greatest affect on your well-being, you’ll always come up empty handed, wondering despite all the effort you put into making your life successful why you still feel a lack of fulfillment.

Element #2: Communicate Dynamically To Enhance Every And Any Aspect Of Your Life– We all are familiar with the proverbial saying, “It is not what you say but it is how you say it that counts most.” Conversations take place at all levels of energy, we either are inspired and bought in or turned off and drained by them. Imagine how powerful it would be to fully engage your family, peers or co-workers to take a path toward success. Each paragraph, each sentence and each word that is said, as well as everything that is not said out loud, brings us opportunities to expand our growth and lead us closer to achieving our goals.

Element #3: Develop Creative Solutions To Both  Big And Small Challenges, Problems, And Conflicts Encountered Everyday– Life can throw us curve balls. There are times in our lives when we feel in control of our destiny and on top of our game. While at other times we experience anxiety, stress and sadness, challenged by varied events, situations and people conflicting with our expectations for the day, week, or even months ahead. How we respond to the inevitability of the ups and downs in our lives can make or break our levels of success and happiness. Understanding this ebb and flow can better equip us to develop creative solutions to both the big and small  challenges encountered daily.

Element #4: Enhance And Maintain Levels Of Productivity, Motivation And Drive To Obtain All You Aspire For Whether it be lofty life objectives, small tasks at hand or larger projects and goals, obtaining and sustaining the things we want in and for our lives doesn’t have to be left to chance. There are specific strategies and empowering life tools one can acquire enabling us to go the distance, tap into our potential and live a life of greater fulfillment.

Element #5: Lessen Self-Doubt and Enhance Overall Self-Esteem– In other words reduce or eliminate NEGATIVE SELF TALK. Whether you would described yourself as someone who engages in a lot of it or a little, any negative self-talk if left unattended to will become a self-generating and regenerating prophecy that ultimately squashes our self-growth and potential.  How  we perceive ourselves and the circumstances around us I believe undoubtably to be THE deciding factor in determining our levels of success and happiness in our lives. Bottom line, our inner game of thoughts and feelings will either deflate us or inspire us. Taking the time to educate ourselves on the power of our thoughts and how they play out in our daily lives enables us to develop key strategies to move past anything that may be holding us back.

Element #6: Acquire self-care practices that fuel your mind, body and spiritIn order to best be able to participate fully in our lives, greater attention must be given to our mind, body and spirit. This element focuses specifically on aspects of our lives that support our physical, emotional and spiritual well-being (i.e relationships, self-care and self-awareness). The objective of this element is to develop practices that enhance ones overall well-being and eliminate/reduce draining experiences in order to best fuel and foster our self-development.

For those of you interested in learning more about how The Live2Thrive process can enhance your life don’t hesitate to reach out to me. Together we can take a look at how these six elements are affecting your life and how to best  integrate them into your daily living.


Love the life you are living….Live2Thrive!