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Hands up ladies—if you thought you’d have all the answers by now?

This is it. Middle age. Midlife.

You made it…

In the words of the late, great Norah Ephron
“Anything you think is wrong with your body at the age of thirty-five you will be nostalgic for at the age of forty-five.” Well, ain’t that the truth.

And right now you:

Feel out of place, so unimportant to your children — you’re oddly nostalgic for awkward chit-chat at the school gates. Those days when they’d hammer and yell ‘Mommy! Mommy!’ through a locked bathroom door.

Wonder if you’re the only one losing it. While Facebook’s flooded with friends loving their exotic, empty-nested, mojito-fueled freedom… You can’t escape the edginess, the hot flashes and oh — now you’re crying over limes in the fruit aisle.

Lack purpose and are so tired of compromise. Of putting others first. It’s left you with a job, relationships — that no longer serve you. Endless acres of ‘you time’ are equally empty. You feel foggy… Goals meaningless. You just don’t fit.

Struggle with the silence. The sound of scraping cutlery as you get to know your husband all over again. Bringing home the bacon and ‘frying it up in a pan’ was exhausting, not empowering. Hardly the Enjoli life your mother fed you.

Wonder if you’re invisible. Honestly? Strolling down the street, you (almost) miss the catcalling. Out shopping it’s an innocent: ‘can I help you — Missus?’ Peering over your sunglasses you blink politely…

Yikes. So when did I stop being a Miss…?

Holey Moley.

It’s time to get your game face on…

Truth is, if you can raise whip-smart teens, juggle a house, career, needy friendships, an idle husband and mop-up aging parents…

You can (and deserve to) flip midlife angst the finger.

Say ‘sayonara’ to second guessing, or the plague of pleasing others…

And ‘hey there’ to a YOU that moves forward —  with power and purpose in life.

Oh, hey there! I’m Holly…

Midlife transition coach and former therapist, devoted to helping women over 40 make their next phase of life, the best phase.

Really, it’s no cliché. After over 10 years of coaching, I’ve helped countless women optimize their midlife angst — to a true catalyst for reclaiming themselves. Busting through each and every transition…

To rise — confident, excited and energized for the second half of life.

Wanna know my backstory? Sure… Scroll below for 5 little known facts about me:

1. Radio journalism was my first love…

As a young, ambitious freshman enrolled at college in Boston Mass., my heavy Noo Yawk accent and I were laughed out of the studio — ‘you sound like a cartoon character.’

(And let’s face it girls, Betty Boop was never particularly empowering.)

Crushed and coerced into articulation courses to get my voice in check (thanks, but no thanks) psychology pricked my ears up…

So… I transferred to NYU and never looked back.

2. My sticky-fingered nanny saved my career.

In my pre-coaching life I practiced psychotherapy for 10 years… And took an enforced hiatus to raise my children when the nanny was caught stealing from me.

(She actually did me a favor — I dreaded leaving my son each day. My mind was made up…)

Juggling clients in the evening, husband at work all day, it was tiring but wonderful — until our daughter showed up. And it became impossible to give the best of myself to everyone…

3. Coaching is my Kool-Aid.

And so, I pivoted to coaching. From helping ambitious young working moms, to women in their 50s ‘shoulding’ on themselves — I was hooked. I LOVE what I do. My professional life has mirrored my own. 

And I can tell you this much — for me, coaching is an infinitely more empowering place to help women. To release them from the dusty, labelled box on the shelf… Anxiety. Depression. ADHD.

Because, let’s face it, we don’t work in the context of a label. And that limiting belief could be doing a number on you — keeping you stuck.

4. Toxic positivity is not my jam (and Tony Robbins is a little much)...

(Seriously. The GoPro God is just a little too intense for me. Life isn’t about being so freakin’ on point — it’s progress not perfection.)  

Truth is, it doesn’t serve anyone to sugarcoat life. Crying is not a weakness — when we work together everything is welcomed… I’ll be absolutely invested in YOU, your journey, where you’re going…

5. What’s next? I’d LOVE to run wellness retreats.

D’you ever find with friends, the conversation just isn’t deep enough? That there’s more you’d love to say, ask, do… But you always hold back just a little of yourself?

Imagine this: A long weekend. Hiking. Yoga. Meditation. Cooking classes. Maybe we’ll start in upstate New York… Then? Overseas. The ocean

A place for women to come together, connect, laugh — but go deep. And for you to truly express yourself.

That’s my vision. Are you with me?

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“Holly is a true change agent.

She is always my greatest cheerleader
while at the same time challenging me, in a constructive way, to go outside my comfort zone…

Of all the wonderful things I can say about her, what I think I appreciate the most is her presence. Holly is fully engaged for her clients. You matter to her. I can promise you that. I cannot recommend anyone more highly.”

Linda C.

“I recently went through a divorce and thought… Okay, now what? What am I going to be when I grow up?

My children were getting older, more independent, what did I need in my life? Through Holly’s coaching I see things in a clearer way, how I am going to change my thought patterns… so I can be the best me! We’ve worked on a variety of issues from starting my own business… to even entering the dating arena again. The possibilities are endless.”

Susan I.


“Being a very skeptical and wary person, I reluctantly agreed to join… It turned out to be a wonderful decision.

Holly ‘walks the talk.
She does not only teach her method, but lives and breathes it and shares herself and her experiences with you. Anyone who can help me overcome my Internal Roadblocks, Limiting Beliefs and Negative Self-Talk, just to name a few, is someone I am very grateful to.”

Allison K.

I’m the Thelma to your Louise if…

You’re ready to move forward in a meaningful, powerful way in life. Maybe you’re locked in a library of toxic thoughts, habits and patterns. But deep down you know it’s time to close that book, find the key — and let ‘em go.

You’re super willing to do the work. And I don’t mean that Biology paper you got a D for back in tenth grade. No, we’re talking showing up for yourself — in a way that might be different or uncomfortable. But, you’ve gotta give it a shot…

You’ve had enough of settling. More and more you find yourself thinking, ‘Holy $#*t I’m here. All my life I’ve been doing the work… I didn’t sign up for this.’ You deserve more, want more — and you know it’s never too late to ask for help.

You don’t have a fixed mindset… And you’ve stopped making excuses. Life’ll always throw you curveballs. Sometimes you’ll drop them. But you’ll change the rules — and keep on playing.

You’re ready to get real… Honestly. At our time of life?! Let’s cut the bullsh*t, the pretension. I’m a pretty cool cat — there’s very little you could say that would surprise or shock me.

Ready to silence those bees buzzing inside your head, and —

‘Above all, be the heroine in your life. Not the victim’…?~ Norah Ephron. (Again. Ladies, she knew it.)

Truth is, you can be crazy smart, independent, rich — but sometimes the ability to show up, and be super engaged just can’t happen…

Because life can be so freakin’ challenging.

And I’m here to tell you, it’s the energy you bring to any situation that drives your talent and gets the results you so desperately crave.

So, ask yourself — how do you want to show up?

Here’s how I help you call up the confidence, inner-peace and self love to finally reclaim yourself… And effortlessly glide into the next phase of life.

Whether you crave monthly meet-ups with other like minded women, or private 1:1 soul-searching sessions… Together we’ll take a deep dive into 6 influencers that impact your energy (from spiritual, emotional, physical and more) to…

Transform your mindset. Stop pouring from that empty cup. And move forward in life — brimming with clarity, certainty and control over your future. Sounds like what you need? Click here to view my services or simply book your free discovery call.

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I thought I was in control of my life and then one day I wasn’t.

Women are the great ‘do-ers’… we are the multitasking, energizing force that knows boundless energy and a drive to be great in whatever we pursue. Sometimes, we falter.

 Holly gives energy where there was none and focuses on keeping you healthy through the process. Through my transition she has kept me strong and smart.”

Marion K.

I can’t really imagine what my life would be like without Holly in it… I wouldn’t want to.

When my son was diagnosed with an aggressive form of osteosarcoma… I wouldn’t have been able to survive this as well as I did without Holly by my side. She always challenges me to bring my best self forward no matter what. I’ve grown and feel I am a totally different person now than I was before working with her. I am and will be forever grateful.”

Fern R.

Holly’s helping me rebuild my relationship with my husband so we aren’t strangers as the kids get older.

Five years ago I was a stay at home mom and now I am buying the multi-million dollar business that I started back to work with.

When I’m mad and upset she helps me break through the confusion and find the right direction… Working with Holly enables me to safely push toward my goals.

She reminds me to always honor myself.”

Laura F.

Smile. Drop your shoulders.
Exhale a sigh of relief.

I’ve got your back…

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