Spring Fever!

 March 2015 Insights

Is it spring yet? It seems many will agree, March is one of the most challenging months of the year. Thirty-one days of yet still cool temps keeping us mostly indoors, bare trees and still less daylight hours, can even get the best of us down. The “winter blues” can hit us particularly hard this time of the year. Hence, it’s no wonder we lose sight of those goals we set forth for ourselves back in January.

spring_feverBut here’s the reality, January 1st is just one day of the 365 days of an entire year. Who says March 6th, 15th or 28th can’t mark the day of new beginnings? My point being why is it we limit ourselves to resolve getting going on our life ambitions based on what the calendar says. So let’s not let the doldrums of March get the best of us this year. Together I say let’s throw the gauntlet down and take the next 31 days to recommit to our goals. Write down the one thing you would most like to accomplish and email it to me. Whether it be as major as an undertaking as finding or changing careers or less pressing as organizing your closets in your home. As long as it’s something that’s been on your “to do” list but you haven’t either gotten to it or are have had limited success in achieving it. We’ll set up a time to speak by phone for a 30 minute complimentary “Break Thru” coaching session and turn some ambitions into realities. No strings attached, all I ask is for you to be open to the possibilities of change.


Hope to Hear From You Soon!