Getting Ready To Throw In The Towel?

June 2014 Insights

Once again I find myself sharing a newsletter that is inspired by a conversation I had with one of my children. This time it was with my almost 14 year old son, Jake. Jake was struggling and feeling particularly frustrated studying for his advanced placement math exams that were coming up, he was lamenting to me about this challenge and commented he would have been better off just staying in regular math classes rather then “having to work so hard”. Naturally, as a mom and a life coach this sparked further conversation that led to the importance of aspiring for more from ourselves, setting goals that safely push us out of our comfort zones and when faced with adversity learning to dig deep and persevere. Unsurprisingly, this was meet with a bit of resistance and a lot of eye rolling but in the end I do think Jake (though he will likely never admit it) realized he wasn’t ready to throw in the towel yet and at the very least stopped complaining and went back to studying.

frustrated_disappointed1Let’s face it, we all can relate to Jake’s frustrations and the urge to succumb to “throwing out the baby with the bath water” mentality. It’s not uncommon to feel especially challenged with particular goals and tasks we set forth for ourselves. But there is no shame in the struggle of pursuit for self-growth, only shame in not pursuing self-growth in and of itself. So in this month’s Keys to Success Insights I’d like to take some time and share some strategies that I often use with my clients that are helpful in eliminating the overwhelm that often occurs when taking on challenges as well as supporting a non-quitting spirit.

While studying at the Institute of Professional Excellence in Coaching I was introduced to a commonly used coaching tool called AIM SMART.  I often use this process to assist clients in breaking down their goals to manageable actions steps so that ultimately they obtain any and all of their aspirations. The AIM SMART technique serves as a valuable strategy because it provides as a roadmap to enhance clarity and direction needed for goal setting while simultaneously enhancing accountability and lessening feelings of overwhelm. Check out the link Valuable Downloads on my website and see how the AIM SMART process works. It’s a highly effective, tangible tool that is easy to use.

Further ways to counteract the negative affects that can occur when faced with  challenging tasks or goals is to revisit my July 2013 newsletter. There I highlight one of three essential elements, The Necessity Of A Personal Buy-In,  that are critical to creating greater success and happiness in ones life. This strategy is tremendously effective because it ties in greatly to our core values and since our values are so personal to us they are emotionally charging, providing us with that extra “umph” we need to stay motivated and persevere when faced with adversity.

In addition to reading over last July’s newsletter, below you will find some key questions to review that will be helpful to consider when feeling especially challenged with a particular goal or task?

Empowering Questions

  • Why is that goal/task important to you?
  • How does that fit in with your values?
  • What is draining your energy from that goal/task?
  • What do you think the main challenge is?
  • How would you have to change your thinking in order to obtain that goal/task?
  • How can you stretch yourself?
  • How will you demonstrate your commitment towards that….?
  • What would it take for that goal/task to happen?
  • What do you need to do less/more of?
  • How can you use your strength/gifts/resources to achieve your goal/task?

These questions can be helpful in reminding us of the value in staying steadfast with our life objectives and provide the insight we may need to alter not our ambitions but our actions and behaviors to reach our goals. Whether or not you can currently relate to this newsletter I suggest you hold onto it, it’s likely to come in handy one day. For those of you wanting a little bit more support during inevitably challenging times in your life, don’t hesitate to contact me for a complimentary session. It would be my absolute pleasure to support you!


WishingYou Well

-Holly –