Mastery Mindset…

The Essential Key To Success

September 2017 Insights

Newsletter after newsletters after newsletter, I have spent the past six years sharing a host of insights and considerations all in an effort to support women in their endeavors to obtain and sustain a life they love living. However, I’ve neglected to address the heart and soul from where I believe greater success and happiness is truly rooted…the cultivation of a mastery mindset.

Simply put a mastery mindset is the desire to continually develop into the best we can be. Adapting a mastery mindset “requires the capacity to see our abilities not as finite, but as infinitely improvable” (Daniel Pink, 2009). It is an approach to life that embraces constant self-expansion with the understanding that setbacks and disappoint do not define our realities but rather are the building blocks from where our greater success and happiness comes from. It is through life’s trials and tribulations that we gain valuable knowledge about what we need to attend to in order to acquire what it is we want in and for our lives.

Wouldn’t it be amazing to wake up each morning not concerned with the outcome of any particular experience, knowing, no matter what occurs, you can learn from what happens and thus move closer to your goals? This by no means should be confused with a feeling of indifference or a method to excuse a lack of progress, rather quite the opposite. Adhering to a mastery mindset is all about being fully committed to becoming more competent, effective, or highly skilled than you already are just minus all the head games we do to ourselves in the process (i.e comparing, blaming, lamenting, and ridiculing).

Embracing a mastery mindset I believe is a kinder, more deliberate route to greater success and happiness. Consider yourself, your life, a work in progress. Strive for mastery, every day ask yourself what can you do today that will support a better version of yourself than the day before.

Wishing You Always The Best Of Success
-Holly Boxenhorn-