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Flip The Script From Self-Criticism To Self-Love & Compassion

“I should be further along”
“I should be doing this”
“I should know better”

Holly Boxenhorn is a Midlife transition coach and former therapist, devoted to helping women over 40 make their next phase of life, the best phase.

You can rise — confident, excited and energized for the second half of life.

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I get it, I know I do it too but I’m so over it!

And let’s just face it, where the hell does all that “shoulding” on ourselves get us.

Certainly isn’t all that inspiring nor very motivating to help us get going on more of what we want in and for our lives.

“Shoulding” on ourselves just takes up way too much of our time, not to mention sabotaging our own self worth and flat lining our growth.

But let’s face it old habits die hard.

In this mini-course we dive into understanding how we can break free of our inner critic and toxic thoughts while learn strategies and practices to help us flip that script to self-love & compassion.

This mini-course will be very different from working with me 1:1, or alongside other women in my Midlife Magic Meetup groups…

This is NOT my signature program. They’ll be no content that builds week-on-week.

No, this mini-course is all about grabbing that quick win—getting in, getting out, and GETTING AHEAD.

This Course Is For You If You Want To:

  • Understand how to release toxic thinking and cultivate self worth

  • Walk away with a skillset to silence your inner critic

  • Move more powerfully into the second half of your life

  • Gain a whole lot of value in a short period of time

“Thoughtful group discussions and exercises challenged my unhelpful habits and thoughts. Now, I am excited and energized for the next chapter in my life—and newly committed to my personal growth.” ~ Julie.A

Flip The Script From Self-Criticism To Self-Love & Compassion Mini-Course

Will be held virtually on Wednesday, November 2nd at 7pm, live through zoom. It will last for about 90 minutes, allowing plenty of opportunity for Q & A’s and the cost, $45.

You could say it’s the biggest bang for your buck. 🙂

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“Holly is amazing. She is so knowledgeable, articulate, and supportive. She’s warm and funny, and makes you feel like you’re talking to an old friend. I loved taking her course along with other women who are like minded and at a similar point in their lives. We had great conversations that we could all relate to. I learned so much, and each time we met I felt validated, uplifted, and empowered.” ~ Allison.S.