Part II

Living Life Authentically

February 2017 Insights

Since February is the month we are reminded most of our relationships with the holiday of Valentines day being celebrated, I thought I’d take this perfect opportunity to expand on last month’s post “Living Life Authentically” and explore more about who we are and how we show up within the different roles (relationships) we play. Whether it be within our relationships with our peers, romantic partners, colleagues, children, even ourselves, being authentic sometimes gets lost in the shuffle. With so many ideals shared through social media and limiting beliefs we’ve taken on through the years, being something we are not or presenting ourselves in a way that isn’t true to ourselves can leave us feeling rather drained and unsatisfied within our relationships.

be_authentic2Mastering being our true selves within all our relationships enables us to be fully present within them. Good, bad, or indifferent, no one can be you.  Embracing our authentic self doesn’t mean we toss improvement to the wind. Rather it’s more about aligning with who we really are (i.e style, strength, qualities, and gifts) so we can then show up in all our roles genuinely and dynamically, making relating more effortless and enjoyable, creating a greater likelihood for optimal experiences.

So let’s take this month’s post to look at the different roles and relationships we have in our lives and use the exercise below to explore more about who we are being and if in fact we are truly allowing our authentic selves to shine within our relationships. Reflect back on last months exploration and use the “I am” statements you developed to move through this exercise with greater ease.

 Who Are You Being Exercise

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Step 1: List the roles/relationships you are in (i.e spouse, parent, worker, friend, sibling, volunteer, etc…)

Step 2: Put a * next to the relationships/roles in which you believe your true self shines.

Step 3: Put an X next to the roles in which you believe your true Self hides.

Step 4: For those roles in which your true Self shines, note how you can be even more of the best you.

Step 5: For the roles in which your true Self hides, note what aspects of the role might be holding you back? What changes can you make to shift how you are being in these roles to move closer to your potential?

Now commit yourself to one specific thing/action you can do today, this week to make one of the changes you identified. Share who you truly are with others in a way that only you can. Practice showing up authentically throughout your day within all the roles and relationships you have. Bottom line when we operate from a place of authenticity, it frees us up allowing us not to be so focused on being something or someone else we are not. Better enabling us to put our energy into more productive actions to cultivate healthy, mutual relationships.


Wishing You Always The Best Of Success