Spinning Your Wheels

 October 2015 Insights

Ever wonder why despite all the effort you put into improving your life, you still feel a lack of fulfillment? As a women’s empowerment life coach it is my “job” to assist women to greater self-fulfillment. Over the years I have collected and crafted tons of strategies, tools, and insights to deliver what I believe to be a comprehensive coaching program that is applicable, tangible and best suited for each woman I work with. However, all of it is of little worth to anyone without first an awareness of what matters the most to them. We can fine tune life skills to death, check everything off our to do list, and reach all the goals we set forth for ourselves but if in the end our daily actions don’t align with those aspects of our lives that have the greatest affect on our personal well-being, we’ll always wind up coming up empty handed.  Learning how to put your best effort into areas that have the greatest impact in your life must first start with knowing what areas of your life are most important to YOU, not Barbara your next door neighbor or Maggie from the office.

wheel of lifeWe live in a  crazy fast paced world and are inundated with a wealth of unsolicited advice and information daily, all representing trends and beliefs about how we “should” pay more attention to this or that in our lives in order to live happily ever after. Though much of this information is well intended and very well may make sense for us, how do we make heads or tails of all of it, so that we can create a greater likelihood for enhanced success and fulfillment in our lives?

As a starting point I’d like to take this month’s newsletter and reflect on a specific coaching tool designed to provide clarity and decisiveness to promote better investment of our time and prevent the common demise of falling prey to living a life that is not in alignment with what really matters most to us. This coaching tool, best known as the Wheel of Life (click here to access download), is an exercise I often share with many of my clients before launching into the particulars of their coaching program. It’s  fairly quick and easy to do and will shed some light on those areas of your life most valuable to you and where you might want to begin putting in greater effort.

Essentially, the wheels contain eight sections that, together represent one way of describing a whole life. Note that the categories I use on the wheels are just suggestions, you may prefer to use other labels or categories. Perhaps for those who aren’t employed the category “Career/Profession” maybe replaced with “Contribution to Community/Society”. Regardless, of how you choose to structure the wheels, the exercise requires you to reflect on each section and then rate your level of satisfaction on a scale of 1 to 10, 10 being most satisfied, 1 being the least.  From there further discoveries can be determined as to why your wheel looks the way it does. So if you were to connect your ratings to form an inner circle and roll them like a wheel, what would you see, consistency, peaks or valleys? Would the wheels roll smoothly or bumpy?

This month take 15 minutes of your time and download the Wheel exercise, the insights gleaned will give you a personal, vivd, visual representation of the way your life is today and where you can begin tomorrow to specifically put in greater effort.


Wishing You The Best Of Success