Shifting The Pressure Of Time

November 2017

If I were to ask any woman to identify the most prevalent roadblock preventing them from obtaining what it is they want in and for their lives they likely would say time, that is that they don’t have enough time. To a certain extent this is true, as we can’t change the fact that we each only have 24 hours in a day, 7 days in a week, and 365 days in a year to utilize to our best of our abilities. Learning how to manage our time most effectively clearly rates high as a skill most successful women would agree is a necessity worthy of acquiring. However, in this month’s post, I’d like to look beyond just the skills required in organizing our time and consider the perceptions through which we view the use of our time so that we can actually shift the pressure of time to work for us rather than against.

The mistake perpetuating the feeling of being at time’s mercy lies within the notion that the aim of time management is to be able to do more and get everything accomplished. And while certainly getting things done does feel good, that feeling is fleeting, because there will always be more to do. The only way to truly feel as if you are effectively managing your time is to know that you are using your time towards those things you desire results in. Successful women know that making empowered choices about how to use their time is the primary step towards effective time management. By identifying and then working in accordance with our life priorities and values we can then create enough time to do all we choose in life.

Instead of holding on to the self-defeating belief that time is something we have to struggle with in order to get what we want, consider embracing a different perspective. One that understands that time is a precious and natural gift of life with vast opportunities to spend honoring those areas of our lives that will have the greatest impact on our wellbeing. Knowing that with this perspective and empowered ability to choose how we see time and how we invest our time will directly affect the results we’ll get. Supporting us to more effectively manage time, create a calendar that supports our “end games” and then develop a to-do list that is compatible.

Bottomline, energetically, since time is such an important focus for us all, using our time in a way that aligns with our bigger purpose in life, and being clear about that, will keep our energy high and thus, in the end, we will be able to maximize our time. Little awareness of it leads to a sense of internal loss of control, which then will create stress and feed into those feelings of powerlessness and hopelessness, draining our energy away from effectively using our time.

“The Bad News Is That Time Flies…The Good News Is Your The Pilot”
-Michael Altshuler-

Wishing You Always The Best Of Success