It’s A Choice

January 2014 Insights


Do you feel like you’re just going through the motions in your daily life? Are those well intended plans regarding your health, relationships, and personal development repeatedly being put on the back burner? Are you just settling for status quo?

Stop for a moment and take a look at your current life: health, career, home environment, finances, relationships with friends & family, romance, personal growth as well as your overall satisfaction and happiness in life.

Based on the feedback I received from last month’s Key’s to Success Insights, many of you took my advice and carved out some quiet time to reflect on the year past to help prepare and shape how you approach the New Year.  Well, now that it is officially 2014, it’s time to take it up a notch and ask yourself….

How are you going to make this year better than last?


What steps are you going to put into place to create a thriving life? 

In this month’s post, I want to be as candid as possible and share some insights I believe will help you live a more fulfilling and effective life. One that embraces the concept that YOU are the only thing preventing yourself from greater happiness and success. This is not to ignore or sugar coat the fact that life can be very challenging and simply said, hard. Rather my intention here is to encourage you to take a leap of faith and try something that is foreign to most. That is to truly believe regardless of what comes your way, good or bad, that You dictate your happiness and experience in life- not the media, friends, family or your environment. This requires a deliberate and conscious effort to avoid slipping into that “woe is me” mentality or that who and what’s to blame perspective and take full responsibility for yourself!

blog_jan14aSimply said though not simply done, stop living at the effect of your life and be the cause. Here are some powerful ways to start creating your life as you want it, rather then allowing it to create you!

#1 Get Clear On Your Limiting Beliefs and Negative Self-Talk -Dig deep and invest some serious time in finding out what negative emotions and thoughts are holding you back. There are many approaches ( coaching, therapy, self-help venues like books and workshops) for dealing with your inner game of thoughts and feelings. Consider it an investment in yourself, worthy of both your time and money.

#2 Step Out Of Your Comfort Zone -A huge reason why people settle for status quo is because it’s easier and more comfortable to settle for less. Without taking risks you can never truly grow and therefore never really thrive. Remember, there is always something to gain, even from our failures.

#3 Change Your Environment -Surround yourself with people and places that support your desire to lead a thriving life. Find individuals and experiences that inspire and motivate you to be the best you can be.

#4 Take Time To Nurture Your Mind, Body and Soul –Feeling physically, mentally and emotionally strong is an essential ingredient to living a thriving life.  Make better choices in your life that will fuel your spirit and physical  energy (i.e. ample sleep, healthy and whole foods, regular exercise, stress management, minimizing draining relationships)

#5 Do Fun New Things -Take up a new hobby, sport, instrument, or even language. Travel. Be curious and experiment with your enjoyment. Being open to fun new experiences will help promote stepping out of your comfort zone safely, without too much pressure on the outcome.

So what’s it gonna be, thriving or just surviving? Remember, that’s completely up to you. Contrary to popular belief, happiness and success are not reserved for the lucky but for those willing and determined to create it for themselves. Make this year different than last, stop settling for the status quo and get passionate about your life!

Best Wishes for Success