Ok let’s be real…

 Is it really fair to say getting a manicure, having a facial, or hanging out with friends is self-care?

 Or can that be more accurately described as self-maintenance?

 Don’t get me wrong I love getting massages, sitting down to read a great book or watching the latest episode of Ted Lasso.

 All of which certainly feel good in the moment but honestly short lived.

 So what is true self care??

 I know going to bed by 10pm or politely declining a second glass of wine isn’t super sexy or Instagram-worthy but let’s face it;

 Self-care doesn’t only mean doing whatever you want to feel good in the moment.

 If you want more bang for your buck like feeling: 

  • More comfortable in your own skin
  • Confidence in who are and where you are going
  • Energized and excited about your future

Self-care is also going to have to include doing those difficult things in our lives that we tend to avoid. Like boundary setting, truly listening to what our body, mind, and heart need.

And moreover finding the right support along the way.

There’s something to be said about being around like-minded women, you feel “get you”, and share common challenges yet different experiences offering fresh perspectives and enriching your knowledge.

Or talking to an expert who can share relevant strategies and game changing practices easing you into a more sustainable, realistic self-care routine that truly makes a difference in your head, heart, and health.  

Would you give yourself that gift?

If so, I’m bringing together an intimate group of women for monthly meet ups starting late September

Want in? Hit reply and I can share more info. 



P.S. Here’s what Midlife Magic Monthly Meetups are going to look like…

  • Sense of community as you navigate mid-life transitions (offered in-person in Plainview NY as well as virtually for those afar or prefer the convenience of a remote experience from their homes)
  • Discover the 6 key elements that will help you move forward in a more conscious way so you can bust through any and all “midlife” transitions
  • Learn of 10 disciplines that when practiced will leave you feeling confident and clear about your future.
  • Understand how your current thinking and way of being is either supporting or detracting from making the next phase of your life the best.