I thought I was in control of my life and then one day I wasn’t . .  Holly has brought a knowledge of self awareness that is critical to my well being . . .

I had the opportunity to meet Holly sometime prior to actually engaging in her services, but I was impressed with her style and knowledge. When the time came that my career was in transition, Holly was the call I made. After decades of success, my career took a new direction as I aged and my industry evolved. While it was not a terrible thing, the situation propelled me into a time of great transition leading to confusion and a lack of direction . . . something I had rarely experienced in my career.

I contacted Holly in the hopes of working through this moment in my life and have continued to work with her for awhile as she helps me navigate more than just a change in career but also in my personal life. Women are the great “do-ers” . . . we are the multitasking, energizing force that knows boundless energy and a drive to be great in whatever we pursue. Sometimes, we falter. Holly has a way of bringing in the energy again, speaking in real terms and real life scenarios and understanding how they all mix together and effect our days and futures.

She has great ideas and helps you uncover your own. She gives energy where there was none and focuses on making you and keeping you healthy through the process. Now, I look to her guidance. She is the voice in my head. Through my transition she has kept me strong and smart…..my energy is up and I maintain a healthy attitude because of her guidance. The cor.e dynamics program that holly offers has been a manual of self awareness. It has helped me identify my own needs and what it means to be true to myself.

She is the person that keeps it all sane!


Can’t do it all? Not an option for me! How do I get through the days without breaking down?

I love my life which includes my husband, my three kids, my job and my great friends, but how do I manage it all without falling on my face? Holly has given me the skill set to not only manage the bedlam, but to master it. She has helped me strengthen my core by getting to know what values are most important to me and sticking to those values when faced with every day decisions. Five years ago I was a stay at home mom and now I am buying the multi-million dollar business that I started back to work with; Holly helped me think about that decision from many angles. She’s like having a mirror image of yourself to bounce ideas off of. When I’m mad and upset she helps me break through the confusion and find the right direction. She’s also helping me rebuild my relationship with my husband so we aren’t strangers as the kids get older. From making mundane decisions to having extraordinary moments, working with Holly enables me to safely push toward my goals. Most of all…she reminds me to always honor myself!

Laura F.

I highly recommend life coaching and specifically Holly Boxenhorn. Holly is a true change agent.

She is always my greatest cheerleader while at the same time challenging me, in a constructive way, to go outside my comfort zone. Whether I am developing the next phase of my life, my next career move, or my next relationship, Holly has been by my side with incredible insight, analytical skills, and a kind heart. After just a few sessions with Holly, my life was immediately more balanced. Of all the wonderful things I can say about her, what I think I appreciate the most is, her presence. Holly is fully engaged for her clients. You matter to her. I can promise you that. I cannot recommend anyone more highly.

Linda Cummins

I recently went through a divorce and thought…o.k, now what? What am I going to be when I grow up?

My children were getting older and more independent, what did I need in my life? That’s where Holly came in. We have been working together for 4 months now and it has been such a rewarding experience. Through her coaching I see things in a clearer way. I look forward to our session together, to see how I am going to change my thought patterns which changes my life so I can be the best me! We have worked on a variety of issues from starting my own business to difficulties with my children and even entering the dating arena again. The possibilities are endless and with Holly’s help I can see that.

Susan Iccarino

I really can’t imagine what my life would be like without Holly in it. Or better yet I wouldn’t want to.

Starting in a women’s group led by Holly we met monthly to learn and explore new ideas to gain greater purpose and show up more intentionally in our lives. Little did I know a year into it life would throw me a curve ball and I had to deal with the most challenging ordeal of my life. My son was diagnosed with an aggressive form of Osteosarcoma. We spent a year in the city at Memorial Sloan Kettering by my son’s side watching him and the doctors fight for his life. I can honestly say I wouldn’t have been able to survive this as well as I did without Holly by my side. She was and still is my rock. She has helped me get through these terrifying times and I am and will be forever grateful to her. I will continue to have her in my life no matter what comes my way. She always challenges me to bring my best self forward no matter what. I’ve grown and feel I am a totally different person now than I was before working with her. No matter what you are going through big or small Holly will help you as long as you are open and willing to embrace new concepts and ideas.

Fern R.

Working with Holly was one of the best gifts I gave to myself!

After I took the 20 minute assessment (Live2Thrive Profile) I learned how much I was getting in the way of greater happiness in my life. Initially, I signed up to work with Holly for 4 weeks but in the end I decided to continue working with her for an additional 3 months. I love the feeling of confidence and excitement I now have. Holly helped me identify what was holding me back, build on my strengths and develop personal life skills I use everyday. More importantly, I really felt liked she cared! She always came to each session fully attentive and so invested in our work together. I highly recommend working with Holly, our work together was truly life changing!

Jenn Wright

Everyone in life gets thrown a curveball whether we face new and difficult challenges, circumstances or events beyond our control or just that next phase of life where we as women have to redefine who we are in our present lives.

Sometimes all these events can occur at once, as it was in my case and then it just becomes too much to handle. The support of friends and loved ones is just not the right or only medicine for this time and that is where Holly came in. Having faced some very emotional and difficult personal struggles, while juggling family relationships during a stressful time and trying to find my own path in life, I have found Holly has become my own personal cheerleader. She guides me through these struggles with compassionate support while helping me to discover what really matters in my life and how I can meet my own personal needs and still be there for those who need me. With the use of concrete, meaningful and insightful exercises, she has helped to keep me motivated and on task. We as women have multiple roles and so many people depend on us. Holly will show you how to take care of you as a whole package addressing your personal and professional ambitions while also addressing any spiritual and physical needs. She will get you to climb your next mountain and keep tabs on yo so that you do not fall. If you want to get going in your life….get going to Holly!

Annie F.

I had the pleasure of meeting Holly at a seminar she gave locally near me. The seminar was titled “Determine How You Want to Show Up, In Your Life.” Over ninety minutes, Holly gave insightful real life examples to basically get out of your own way.

Her genuine wish to reach out and assist all the attendees was refreshing to see and be a part of. The exercises given throughout the session were beneficial in keeping everything simple-break it down to priorities. Once everything is on paper in black and white, the big picture is not so overwhelming. It also opened up the floor for great discussions among the group. The meeting had all the right ingredients: it was informative, engaging, with humor and good advice to boot. I would absolutely take another seminar given by Holly. I did take advantage of her free 45 minute session a month later and we have stayed in contact ever since. Although not a traditional client, I trust & respect Holly. Her rock solid common sense approach, along with her tenacity to get to the heart of the issue, is welcoming as it is impressive. Recently she helped me get back on track. She told me, and I quote “You are the ‘Go to’ person for a lot of other people. Who do you go to? You need to reset your priorities back to you.” Of course upon reflection she was right. I needed to get back my reality and that reality was concentrating my efforts in landing a new job. I have gotton past the first step and accepted a seasonal position but you never know where that can lead. I am excited to start this new chapter of my professional career and I truly thank Holly for her words of wisdom and of course the push I needed.

Eileen Eckhardt

Being a very skeptical and wary person, I reluctantly agreed to join friends in a small group meeting with a life coach. It turned out to be a wonderful decision.

The program Holly utilizes is so well structured and effective. With every session Holly imparts her knowledge with both passion and compassion. It is never an easy thing to take a good hard look at yourself and your life, but Holly gently guides you through it with a hands-on approach. This is not sitting on a therapist’s couch and answering questions: Holly has you take action and do exercises that apply to your real life. I have been going to Holly for over two years, both in the group setting and some individual sessions. In that time I know how much this has changed my life for the better, but it is also interesting to note that I have also witnessed the growth and change in my friends in many amazing ways!! Always reluctant to use cliches, I have to say that Holly “walks the talk.” She does not only teach her method, but lives and breathes it and shares herself and her experiences with you. Anyone who can help me overcome my Internal Roadblocks, Limiting Beliefs and Negative Self-Talk, just to name a few, is someone I am very grateful to. Thank you so much Holly.

Allison K.

When a friend of mine asked me to come to one of Holly’s group talks, I remember thinking, “what’s a life coach?” From that day, I joined one of her Self Development monthly groups and it has been a wonderful road of discovery, ever since!

I am now a one-on-one client and I have learned what I want in life by discovering what was MOST important to me! She assisted me in learning what was preventing me from taking action and challenge it. We are now moving forward with my goals and she keeps me accountable all the way. She is genuine and honest in the way she interacts, as I never feel judged, and my feelings are always valued. It’s wonderful knowing that Holly always has my back.

Eileen D.

Having Holly in my life has been a game changer. At 61, I was suddenly without a job and had a decision to make-find security again within a company, or re-establish my own consulting business.

I loved having my own business before, but that was a huge risk in my mind-how do I get over that fear of finacial loss and self-confidence shame if I fail? With Holly, I set priorities and examined my belief system-who I was, what I wanted for myself-and brought it to the surface. I had no idea what that meant at the time, but I believed in her, so I trusted my gut and went with it, with Holly by my side every step of the way as my guide…my “guardian angel”. I have worked with Holly through both her Live2Thrive Program and COR.E Dynamics Program. Outstanding! Having sessions with Holly weekly has given me focus, direction, and confidence. She set me on a path with goal-setting, and has coached me through when times got tough. Needless to say, I decided to take the path of my dream, my consulting business, and I now look forward to a future of setting and achieving more and more goals in my life-she makes it fun, like a game of sorts. I can’t get enough of what she’s brought to me!

Donna S.

Holly Boxenhorn has truly changed my life!

I credit Holly with helping me to clarify my professional and personal goals. This has enabled me to focus on what I truly want and has allowed me to move in the direction of my dreams. She has helped me in every single area of my life…my career, my personal relationships, time management and goal setting. I know that I would not be where I am today without her guidance and expertise. I wholeheartedly encourage you to seek out and work with Holly. It’s a life changing decision.

Kerry Fisher