Happiness Simplified

Happiness Simplified

Discover The Four Pillars To Wellbeing

Plan and simple, happiness is not a goal to be achieved rather it comes as a result of engaging in multiple, varied things that are meaningful and bring pleasure as a side-effect. Yet many of us tend to focus on snapshots of isolated parts of our lives and buy into the belief that if we can just find that perfect job, relationship, diet/fitness routine, this thing we call life will be a cinch to live. However, study after studies show that despite people initially experiencing a spike in their levels of wellness after obtaining things like financial prosperity, professional /educational achievements, loving relationships, or improved health-with time inevitably fall back to their original happiness baselines. And in some cases, people can even fall below their baselines feeling more defeated. Understandably, it can be disheartening to discover after working really hard and checking all the boxes to attain all those things believed would guarantee happiness is only fleeting. 

Truth is, safe guarding our level of fulfillment in one aspect of our lives will not secure our happiness nor prevent us from experiencing human highs and lows. To bring about sustainable wellbeing we need to build our overall resilience by attending to our whole self; body, mind, heart, and spirit. Sure, focusing on any one of these variables can make a difference but by attending to all four we will thrive. Moreover, when life throws us a curve ball-which inevitably it will because no one is excuse from life’s trial and tribulations-you will have an abundance of resources to tap into, enabling you to bounce back with greater ease. 

Below you’ll find a brief outline on each of the four pillars to wellbeing, coming this fall I’ll be doing a deeper dive for those interested in learning more about how to thrive rather then just get by. The program is called, Live To Thrive…The Science of Happiness Simplified, it will be a 9 week online, live, interactive course (calls will be recorded, should you be unable to attend) where participants will receive a ton of research based knowledge, tools, and strategies along with personal support to guide them in accessing not only experiencing higher levels of happiness but sustaining it for the long run. 

The 4 Pillars To Wellbeing

  • BODY- Let’s face it, when we are feeling physically strong, we have the best chance of experiencing the energy we need to complete the tasks and goals that are important to us. I start with attending to our body first because typically it is more easily assessed. We can see and feel how vibrant or drained someone is. We can hear it in people’s voices, postures, and faces. We can even measure it with medical devices. But remember we are all built differently, so there isn’t a single formula that works for everyone. What foods are most nourishing for you? What kind of movement works best for your body? How much sleep is optimal for your performance? Are you staying hydrated? Would your body benefit from supplements or vitamins? What, if any chronic or temporary illnesses/injuries do you need to consider in order to best support yourself.
  • MIND- This includes not only expanding our intellect but also training our thoughts to work for us. Attending to our mind is twofold, engaging in learning that is stimulating yet not daunting, enabling a cycle of constant growth. While keeping in mind (no pun intended) that our thoughts will have a way of getting the best of us, interfering with our ability to be present in the moment, wreaking havoc on our confidence, clarity, attention, and focus. Creating daily habits to expand this awareness (i.e  quality learning, meditation, journaling, single-tasking, self-introspection, etc) will clear the way for our minds to function optimally. 
  • SPIRIT- “He who has a why in life can bare almost any how”- Friedrich Nietzsche.Our spirit is what guides us to become fully ourselves and to live a meaningful life. In other words, it’s about connecting what we do and how we do it with who we truly are. What would you like to be remembered for? What drives you? What lights you up? What makes you unique? What things do you most want out of life? How can you share your strengths with the world? We must first accept that we all have this deeper inner side of ourselves and then find time to listen to it. Moreover, honor and then align in accordance with these inner urgings.  
  • Heart- Cultivate an open heart by practicing gratitude for the good things in your life, love and compassion for yourself, connection and kindness toward others. Remembering all feelings are legitimate and finely tuning in and accepting our full range of emotions can be used as tools to help us understand what’s going on for us in any given moment, enabling us to create greater wellbeing. 

Bottomline, we will have a much greater capacity to flourish and grow, to endure life’s challenges and stressors when we attend to our whole selves…Body, Mind, Heart, and Spirit.  

Wishing You Always The Best Of Success
























































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































Part III-Creating Optimal Outcomes

Part III-Creating Optimal Outcomes

The Six Key Influencers

Everything is Energy. Your thoughts begin it, your emotions amplifies it and your actions increase its momentum.

As I shared in Part I of this three part series, regardless of how skilled and well intended we all may be, we are all subject to various inner and outer elements that can either help or hinder our success and happiness. No one is excused from life’s trials and tribulations, everyone has stress in their lives. Most people would undoubtably agree they want to experience less stress. But what people really want is to have less of a “stress reaction” to the things that are occurring in their lives and zapping their energy. Stress itself is not the enemy; it’s ones reaction to it. What one person perceives as being stressful, another barely notices, and yet another excited by.

When speaking about stress for the purpose of it’s impact on our CORE ENERGY, we’re talking about things that cause a stress reaction involving tension and anxiety. This type of stress reaction taxes the body and mind, and usually results in people feeling as if they are at the effect of life’s circumstances. It’s counterproductive and detracts from and drains our daily energy. There are six main kinds of stress or as I’ve been stating key influencers that will either support or lessen the likelihood of creating optimal outcomes in our lives. They are…


Spiritual Influencers involve your purpose, beliefs, values, gifts, desires, goals, etc., in relation to what you specifically want to do and how you want to do it.

Spiritual influencers detract from our core energy when whatever you are doing causes you to question your values, purpose, goals, connection, or beliefs.


Mental Influencers involve your clarity as to what you’re doing, your ability to remain focused on performing without being distracted, and whether the task is interesting and has the right degree of challenge for you.

Mental Influencers detract from our energy when you multi-task, stretch yourself too thin or have conflicting demands, or when a task either bores you or is too challenging for you.


Emotional Influencers involve how well your needs and desires are being met by what you’re doing, how excited and enthusiastic you are about doing it, and whether you have emotional control to be able to choose how to respond, instead of react, to any given situation.

Emotional Influencers detract from our energy when you feel as if your needs, desires, or expectations are not being met, or when you encounter a situation that you don’t understand or know how to handle, or when you do not know how to express emotions effectively.


Physical Influencers involve your awareness of what your body is telling you and how proactive you are in taking care of your physical self (i.e. eating/drinking in a healthy way, exercising regularly, and practicing preventive care) so you are able to create the physical power that will best serve you to accomplish any given activity.

Physical Influencers detract from our energy when your body is not able to function in an optimal manner, or in the manner to which you are accustomed. Lack of sleep, poor eating habits, illness, injury, asking your body to perform well past the limitations of its physical capacity (i.e. running a marathon, when you’ve never run a mile).


Social Influencers involve having the “right” amount and type of interaction with others you work with or play with and feeling supported in life. This may involve being surrounded by like-minded people who are excited about the same things you are. Or, lessening interactions with those that drain you.

Social Influencers detract from our energy when social conditions aren’t optimal for you or when other people’s energy affects your own energy negatively. If you truly enjoy working on your own, but find yourself in charge of a company project leading many people you don’t know, your energy will likely be depleted. Even if your excited about doing something, when others around you are “naysayers,” their reactions can affect your own energy and enthusiasm.


Environmental Influencers involve your belief that your environment will allow you to complete or enjoy a task you’re about to do in a way that you’d like to.

Environmental Influencers detract from our energy when you encounter an environment that you believe prevents you from functioning in an optimal manner, or a manner to which you are accustomed. If the skies suddenly open up during your tennis match, your energy may become depleted.

Now, I’d like to urge you to think back to a time/experience/performance when you can recall a great outcome or possibly one that didn’t go so well. Looking back on these six key influencers which ones do you believe helped or hinder the results?

Not sure… reach out for a complimentary “no strings” attached session to understand how these 6 key influencers are effecting the outcomes in your life!

Wishing You Always The Best Of Success

This newsletter contains my interpretation of the copyrighted work of Bruce D Schneider and the Institute for Professional Excellence in Coaching.

Part II-Creating Optimal Outcomes

Part II-Creating Optimal Outcomes

CORE Energy…how to create an empowered energetic state.

We often hear references to the importance of building our core strength, but those references usually speak to the physical core. The importance of core energy*, the energy that is at the core of our thoughts, emotions, and actions is what we will be examining more closely this summer. This relates more to how people see themselves, those around them, and the world itself. A person’s core energy is where his or her energy is focused at any given time. A person’s core energy has a tremendous influence on their “performance” in all aspects of their life.

When one feels stress (tension/anxiety) and/or when you feel a lack of engagement (when you’re not choosing to do something or not motivated by it), your energy is drained and your potential for creating optimal outcomes/experiences is decreased. The way you respond to anything you’re about to do or the way you approach a situation or set of circumstances, is unique to you. But overall, an individual’s energetic state is effected and resulted by six key influencers: spiritual, mental, emotional, physical, social, and environmental. What doesn’t affect your energy in one situation may detract from it in another. Anytime you are not “performing” to the best of your ability, something is then blocking your energy and it is likely a result of one or a combination of these six key influencers.

When all of these six key influencers are ideal for you, you have your best chance for peak performance. You see having potential and fully using your potential are two entirely different things. Let’s use the example of gas in a gas tank. Think of your potential in terms of being like a gas tank and how much gas you put in that gas tank is where the six key influencers come into play. If you have all six key factors working at their utmost then your gas tank is full, therefore, you are able to access your full energy and create optimal outcomes and experiences because you now have a full tank of gas behind your potential (capabilities/talent). But what if suddenly one or two of these influencers are compromised in some way (which we will get into next newsletter), your gas tank will now only have half the amount of gas it requires to work at it’s full capacity. So without a full tank of gas (aka maximizing these 6 key influencers) it makes it more challenging to access your full potential because you don’t have a full tank of gas supporting it.

Bottomline, these six key influencers affect how you show up. By learning how these six key influencers are either detracting or supporting your ability to perform, you can create action plans and strategies to get you more ideal outcomes. Ultimately with time, as you learn more about how these six influencers effect you, personal patterns and trends are revealed that help you build a formula for greater success. Providing a performance checklist of sorts to ensure alignment with the best version of yourself as possible even when circumstances are less than ideal or maximize upon them when they are all on point.

Keep your eyes open for next month’s newsletter and learn more about how these six key influencers are relevant to your greater success and happiness!

Wishing You Always The Best Of Success

*Read Part I – “Creating Optimal Outcomes”

This newsletter contains my interpretation of the copyrighted work of Bruce D. Schneider and the Institute for Professional Excellence in Coaching.