Trusting The Process

Trusting The Process

“All Great Achievements Require Time”

 -Maya Angelou-

December 2016 Insights

“Trust the process”….we’ve all heard the expression before. But what does that even mean? For some that statement in and of itself seems intangible, a rather uncomfortable concept to accept. While others may view it as a cop-out, irresponsible, and lacking a proactive stance. However, it really is quite the opposite. For me, the concept of trusting the process is best captured in Maya Angelou famous quote, “All great achievements require time”. hold_the_visionMeaning in essence, everything and everyone are all a work in progress. No one sets out to do less then they are capable of doing in the current circumstances they’re in. No one ever intentionally sets out to make a mistake, “fail”, experience a less than desirable outcome. Trusting the process is living and learning but with faith in oneself that when the process we commit to is not getting us where we want, we have the opportunity to learn from that process and then modify or change it accordingly.

4 Main Concepts To Trusting the Process

• We always do the best we can and nothing else.

• Understanding that“bumps  in the road ”are a part of the process.

• Knowing that all experiences have value. So even if things don’t“go your way”, you can always learn a lesson in what has occurred.

• To be totally committed to a plan of action and follow it through.

• Knowing there is always opportunity to make modifications and/or changes to that plan should it not create an optimal outcome.


As this year comes to an end and we reflect upon all we did and didn’t accomplish, have no regrets, give thanks for the learning and usefulness this year has brought. Welcome what 2017 will bring us, trust the process and remember you will always know more than you did yesterday!

Wishing You The Best Of Success








Are they lifting your spirits up or dragging you down?

February 2014 Insights

What better month to write about the importance of cultivating healthy relationships than February, the month we celebrate Valentines Day. The quality of our personal relationships has an enormous impact on our mental, emotional and physical well-being. Think about it, unless you are shipwrecked on a deserted island, most of us are involved in numerous types of relationships. These relationships may include romantic, friends, parents, children, siblings, coworkers, neighbors, mentors/teachers and of course the often forgotten about relationship with ourselves.

How we chose to experience our relationships can determine our level of happiness. Yet many of us never stop to consider whether as a whole our relationships lift our spirits up or drag us down. I’d like to take some time in this Month’s Key’s to Success Insights and identify those qualities that typically make up a healthy relationship while also make some suggestions on how to better manage those relationships that drain us. (more…)