Anabolic vs. Catabolic Energy

Anabolic vs. Catabolic Energy

 Energy is Everything!

May 2016 Insights

Everything is composed of energy, including our thoughts! The lenses you see the world through creates your reality. We all enter the world without an opinion or belief about anything. Through our entire lives, influences of the world help form our core beliefs, values, and filters through which we experience the world around us.  As you are presented with situations, you pass them through the filters of your belief system. When they are in alignment, you judge them to be positive and good. When they go against your view, you may judge them to be negative or bad.

Example: In my family, there has always been an emphasis on the value of a strong work ethic. In the past when when I would find myself  not working “full out”, my interpretation of this action would be that I am being lazy. When in fact there could be so many other reasons contributing to my actions (i.e. fatigue, disinterest, overwhelm, self-doubt, etc…)

newsletter_einsteinAs our beliefs and values become established, we function on “auto pilot,” until we begin to experience dissonance and question them. Since many of our beliefs and values are given to us by others, we have the opportunity to evaluate the degree to which they support or hold us back. As a result, we can choose to make adjustments that align our beliefs with our true selves.

If you view the world as an angry place, you will see situations and make interpretations that support your point of view. What you look for, you will find. Also…others with a similar point of view may be drawn to you. So if you notice you are surrounded by drama, explore what is drawing them to you. Where your focus goes, energy flows. This is actually the basis of the Law of Attraction!

Energy attracts like energy and basically in a nutshell there are two different types of energy we can experience, catabolic or anabolic….

Catabolic energy shows up in the form of stress. When we PERCEIVE a situation as being stressful, we may feel fear, doubt, worry, overwhelm, frustration, anger, resentment, or entitlement. When we are experiencing catabolic energy, our focus is on the pain or problem. Catabolic energy isn’t bad…It’s just an indicator of stress that is draining you. If you can get to the root of it, you can release it.

Anabolic energy is not stressful. It is healing, positive, supportive, and expanding in nature. This allows the body to optimize itself. As a result, it’s easier to maintain a solution focus, feel energized, and propel ourselves forward to new possibilities and opportunities.

As we go along our day we are exposed to a string of stimuli that has no meaning other than what our perception assigns it.  How we view a situation will either create stress (catabolic) or not (anabolic). The key is to become aware of the lens (energy) we use, catabolic vs. anabolic, that supports us in order to move forward in the most proactive and opportunistic way possible, driving us to greater success and happiness.

Curious to know how your thoughts are creating your reality?

How great would it be to have the ability to see opportunities when others see problems, and to see what’s right, instead of what’s wrong?

Learn how to consciously recognize when you are reacting to life’s circumstances, even in the most challenging moments, and determine how you want to show up, catabolic or anabolically. Contact me today and discover a method where you can you identify any and all  core beliefs that may be holding you back from what it is you want in and for your life.


Wishing You The Best Of Success



Social Media Hype

Social Media Hype

Is The Grass Really Greener On The Other Side?

 March 2016 Insights

Most of you all know I have two teenage children, so as I am sure many of you can relate to, I am in constant competition with the allure of social media for their attention. Their cell phones and laptops seem to have become an appendage to their bodies, rarely other than when these items need to be recharged do I see them without them. Conversations about how many “likes” they received or how many followers they have, comes up often. Understandably, they know of no other world that existed before Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Pinterest and the infamous #hashtag becoming an everyday household symbol. Social media is a way of life for them and now us and on some level I understand the value it provides, however, what I find unfortunate and a bit disturbing is how all these social media feeds breed what I refer to as “the grass is seemingly greener on the other side” syndrome. (more…)

Intrinsic vs. Extrinsic Rewards

Intrinsic vs. Extrinsic Rewards

Does The Ends Always Justify The Means?

 May 2015 Insights

I’ll be the first one to admit…it’s feels really good to jump on a scale and find myself to be 5lbs lighter after committing to a month of clean eating and consistent exercise. Undeniably, I get tremendous satisfaction when I rock a presentation and land myself a new client or two. Extrinsic rewards, those tangible benefits of a particular job or activity, which is external to the job itself are undoubtably highly motivating. But what about the power of intrinsic rewards, motivation we derive from an outcome that gives an individual personal satisfaction from a job well done. Such as the feelings of enjoyment, pride, security, strength, empowerment, and vitality. While extrinsic rewards can often provide us the push we need to enhance our lives in order to obtain a reward (i.e. more money, friendships, fitting into size 6 jeans) or avoid a punishment (i.e being fired, having high blood pressure, little to no fun & enjoyment in our lives), research indicates that the staying power is in the intrinsic rewards. (more…)

Frustrated, Disappointed, Tired Oh My!

Frustrated, Disappointed, Tired Oh My!

Getting Ready To Throw In The Towel?

June 2014 Insights

Once again I find myself sharing a newsletter that is inspired by a conversation I had with one of my children. This time it was with my almost 14 year old son, Jake. Jake was struggling and feeling particularly frustrated studying for his advanced placement math exams that were coming up, he was lamenting to me about this challenge and commented he would have been better off just staying in regular math classes rather then “having to work so hard”. Naturally, as a mom and a life coach this sparked further conversation that led to the importance of aspiring for more from ourselves, setting goals that safely push us out of our comfort zones and when faced with adversity learning to dig deep and persevere. Unsurprisingly, this was meet with a bit of resistance and a lot of eye rolling but in the end I do think Jake (though he will likely never admit it) realized he wasn’t ready to throw in the towel yet and at the very least stopped complaining and went back to studying. (more…)

Getting Clear From the Inside Out

Getting Clear From the Inside Out


Got Baggage?

Get Clear From the Inside Out

April 2014 Insights

Let’s face it no matter how “perfect” your upbringing may have been or how fortunate your life is turning out, we all have some level of “emotional baggage”. I use the term emotional baggage loosely as a means to describe the cumulation of responses to our negative life experiences. It is not the degree of anguish one experiences that is most important but rather how well aware one is of its impact on their current life and how they choose to manage it. (more…)