How To Stay Motivated Even During
The Dog Days Of Summer

July 2014 Insights

For most, summer is often a time of the year when we take a step back and put our  goals on the back burner. It’s hard to ignore visions of boats, beaches and tall cool drinks. Not to mention the challenge of children being home from school and vacations planned, setting the stage for the perfect scenario of “summertime sabotage”- a condition that sets us back in most aspects of our lives and creates the need for a whole lot of catch up comes September.

In a perfect world, it would be great if we all could just take off for two months and pick up where we last left off without compromising levels of productivity and drive. But since  we all know that isn’t likely to happen, I plan to take this month’s Keys To Success Insights and share a few of my favorite suggestions on how to keep our “mojo” going even during the dog days of summer.

Strategies to Beat Summertime Sabotage

  • Choose Work That Suits Summertime Slowdown

Take on less time consuming, adventuresome tasks or goals. Possibly use the summer as a means to prepare for bigger goals comes September. Do the leg work that may be involved in the execution of larger objectives.

  • Create and Maintain Some Kind of Routine

happy_summerOf course, do not expect to follow your typical routines. Naturally, you’ll want to take advantage of some fun in the sun but try to form a schedule where you designate a certain time of the day to attend to getting things done. Or for some setting aside three to four whole days for task/goal driven work allows for complete freedom on the alternate days. Whatever makes sense for you, the key here is to just keep a regular routine going, even through the summer months.

  • Share Your Goals and Keep a Written To-Do List

Both practices will hold you accountable. Keep a to-do list somewhere you can’t ignore. First, it will keep you organized and on-task. Second, there’s nothing as motivating then checking “done” items off a list. Whatever your goal(s) may be losing 10lbs, making more money, organizing your home-share it with your friend or partner and ask them to check in on your weekly progress to keep you focused and on task.

  • Find Inspiration

Surround yourself with those that can support your commitment and provide positive energy to your intention. Call to mind success stories of those who are achieving similar aspirations to keep yourself motivated.

  • Set Up the Proper “Working” Environment

Whether it be an office or your kitchen table, having an environment that is conducive to shut out summer distractions will help prevent diversions from your tasks at hand. I’m not suggesting you lock yourself in a dark room with the drapes drawn but having a “working” space where you can go and be alone and focus is key to getting things done.

Don’t let “summertime sabotage” get the best of you this year. Try out some of these suggestions, find what works and stick with it. Most importantly ENJOY YOUR SUMMER!

Wishing You Well