Live2Thrive Signature Program


To attain your highest levels of potential and performance, you need to be engaged and a self-leader first. Optimizing your potential is about understanding what fuels your performances and what hinders them. The Live2Thrive Signature Program is founded and based upon The COR.E Dynamics™ methodology were everything we do in life is a performance. How you show up in your thinking, doing, and being impacts the experience you will have in that moment.

Performance is not just how a singer performs on stage, how an athlete performs in a competition, or how an executive performs in a team meeting. It is also related to how you perform actions that create greater wellbeing, such as reducing stress, eating in a way that properly fuels your body, feeling financially successful, having meaningful relationships, and including physical activity in your week. The Live2Thrive Program integrates a knowledge base with the use of an assessment and a learning process that supports women in taking back control of their performances and keeps them engaged, successful, satisfied, and experiencing peak wellbeing and performance.


Join Holly Boxenhorn for this unique coaching program that combines both private one-on-one coaching along with live dynamic group experiences. This distinctive program not only offers in-depth personal attention to each woman who participates but greater enrichment by joining other like-minded women who are also invested and committed to living a more successful & fulfilling life!

What You Get

  • Two 50 Minute Private Coaching Sessions
  • Four 75 Minute Live Group Experiences
  • Workbook & Handouts Specifically Designed For This Program
  • Live2Thrive Profile, 20-minute online assessment combined with an additional 60-minute coaching session, providing the groundwork required to access The One Thing That Changes Everything


*Intimate Groups Of No More Than 6 Individuals Are Formed

*Should You Have An Interest In Forming Your Own Private Group A Minimum Of 3 People Will Be Required

*Coaching and group experiences are provided either in-person or through a teleseminar or video conferencing format depending on preference.