Part III

Can We Really Have It All?

The Necessity of a “Personal-Buy In” 

July 2013 Insights

As I have shared with you in past posts, I believe the most essential component to creating greater success and fulfillment in one’s life is having the right frame of mind. Whether you are looking to enhance your health & well-being, social & intimate relationships, professional endeavors or personal growth, how you view the aspects of your life most important to you, will be the determining factor in your level of success in any of them. This is where having a “personal buy-in” becomes key to “having it all”.

Being emotionally connected to our life ambitions provides us with the drive and verve we need to stay steadfast with our goals. By being emotionally and personally connected to our life objectives we enhance our level of engagement in those important aspects of our lives. So that when we experience adversity we stay the course and reconfigure another way to go about obtaining what it is we ultimately want.

Think about it, rarely does anything of worth come easy. Most of our aspirations take time and great effort to acquire. Even when we do reach a  specific goal (i.e. losing 20lbs, making more money, learning a new skill, organizing our lives, etc..) maintaining it can be even more challenging.

Finding the personal buy-in to each and every important aspect of your life will enable you to go the distance and help you to never lose sight of the importance of paying attention to all of them. Knowing for example that by taking care of your health and well-being, you’re likely to enhance your work performance. While similarly, pushing yourself to further your professional endeavors will contribute to your overall confidence, which then in turn is likely to positively affect your social and intimate relationships. You see, it’s really all about finding a good (and very personal) reason to put forth the effort into all that is required to your idea of what “having it all” looks like.

So though for me “having it all” may look very different than for you, finding a “personal buy-in” will always be essential for anybody seeking greater balance in their life. Without this last element there will be minimal driving force behind your actions thus resulting in little or no success of your desires.

In this last and final post regarding the commonly asked question I frequently receive, “Can Woman Really Have It All”?,  I say absolutely YES! However, it requires true intention, deliberate effort and greater perspective on your desire to achieve balance in your life.

Reread Part I and Part II of this three part series post. Though naturally, each woman’s quest to finding life balance will vary, the 3 essential elements I share;

  • determining those aspects of your life most important to you
  • obtaining the strategies, skills and tools needed to manage these demands; and
  • personally connecting to your life objectives in order to enhance a level of engagement that maximizes motivation and actualization.

will provide you with a structured path that I know will lead you to greater success! Again, don’t hesitate to reach out to me for a complimentary session should you want to explore how life coaching can be your #1 strategy to creating a life you love to live!

 Best Wishes for Success