The One Thing That Changes Everything.

When it comes to greater success and happiness the vast majority of us are simply unaware of why things go well for us one day and not the next. Sure, it’s easy to say it was just a good day verses a bad day. Everything fell into place, you happened to have been at the right place at the right time, and nothing unexpected or “messy” occurred. But we all know that life is challenging, for everyone, and at any given moment life can throw us a curveball or two. No one is excused from life’s ups and downs. So to chalk up our levels of success and happiness to good luck or misfortune, quiet frankly, is bullshit.

Rarely if ever, with the exception of a health issue, does our levels of capabilities, talents, and competencies change significantly from day to day or even moment to moment. Yes, we can become more skilled or apt at those things we practice over a period of time, 6 months to a year. But really our capabilities don’t change significantly on a day to day basis, especially not on a moment to moment basis. So why is it that we can feel one minute on top of our game and a few hours later on shaky ground. We all have experienced this before, great mornings followed by a crappy afternoon or a series of “on” days/weeks followed by what feels as if we hit a wall.

Think about it, maybe tomorrow you have a big meeting or presentation at work, possibly you’re planning to sit down with your significant other to have an important conversation about the kitchen you would like to redo. Perhaps tomorrow afternoon you’ll be negotiating an important deal (i.e. new car, home, or business venture) or be put in a position to make a go or no go decision about a health related matter pertaining to you or a loved one. What do you think is more important in that moment, your talent or the energy you’re experiencing?

Yep, it’s your energy, your energy behind how your talent will get used as well as the results you’ll get. How we show up-the energy we bring to any situation impacts the outcome or results we get. Your CORE ENERGY is the key driver and what matters the most. Regardless of how skilled and well intended you may be, we are all subject to various inner and outer elements that can either help or hinder our success and happiness. Without the right type and amount of energy the ability to show up and be engaged in life can be severely limited and sometimes not possible. By understanding and then knowing how to handle your core energy you can have a huge advantage in creating consistent success and fulfillment in your life.

So let’s get busy this summer, stayed tuned over the next couple of months for my summer series and learn more about the nuts and bolts behind creating an empowered energetic state that will undoubtably create optimal outcomes and experiences in your life.

Wishing You Always The Best Of Success

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