Are You Ready To Clean Up Your Life?

January 2018 Insights

Alright, everyone, it’s officially a new year, happy 2018! Though as you all know I’m not big into the hype that surrounds “new year” resolutions, I’ll take any excuse to support women with getting busy on creating the things they want in and for their lives. Knowing that every woman will have their own unique story they will want to tell by the time this new year comes to pass, I’m going to take January’s newsletter to start everyone off on a clean slate so to say. Bottomline, regardless of what your 2018 objectives may be, everyone will have more energy if they are clear within their physical environment, wellbeing, money, and relationships. There is nothing better than clean space, full communication, and self-responsibility to support optimal outcomes in this new year. Read on to learn more about The Clean Sweep Program…

The Clean Sweep Program is a checklist of 100 items when completed, will give you greater perspective on who you are, where you are at and what requires your attention to assist with cleaning and polishing up every aspect of your life. It was shared with me a while back in a program I still participate in to enhance and strengthen my coaching skills. The objective of the Clean Sweep program is for participates to get “complete” about 100 possible incompletions in one’s life. Those incompletions are those physical, emotional, or mental items which are in some way not resolved in the current moment. As understandable living with any incompletions in one’s life will drain our energy. Just by going over this checklist in and of itself will give you more energy through the awareness it provides. Once you go over the list of 100 items, you’ll find yourself handling some of these without even trying. Others may take more time but by years end you’ll make your way toward the score of 100.

The Clean Sweep Program is accessible using this public link:

There you will find instructions on how to complete the program. Keep in mind there may be several of the 100 items that do not apply in your life or quite possibly matter to you but that’s what I love about this coaching tool…it shines light on different areas that support and/or drain your energy. It’s not just about checking off the boxes. This is by no means is meant to be a “to do” list. Essentially, the purpose of this tool will be to build a strong personal foundation, figure out how you show up to things, and give you greater perspective to make decisions about what you really want.

Looking forward to hearing what comes up for you!

Wishing You Always The Best Of Success