The Upside Of Stress

October 2016 Insights

“When you change your mind about stress, you can change your body’s response to stress”

-Kelly McGonigal, PhD-

Everyone has stress in their lives, and most people would agree they want less stress. But what people really want is to have less of a “stress reaction” to the things that are occurring in their lives and zapping their energy. Stress itself is not the enemy; it’s our reaction to it. How great would it be if rather than seeing your most stressful days as the worst days of your life, they actually become your best days?

stress2Sounds kinda far reaching? Not so much, explored extensively in Dr. Kelly McGonigal most recent book, “The Upside of Stress”, substantial research supports the correlation between human resiliency and how our mindsets can shape our realities to challenge how we think about stress. If stress is not perceived as harmful, then bottom line it won’t be. Moreover, if you actually learn to perceive stress as a positive “thing” opposed to something to avoid at all costs, it can work for us….supporting increased self development, enhanced social connections, and greater purpose in life.

I don’t believe in any of all the 5 years I have been writing monthly newsletters, have I ever recommended a book. But not surprisingly the “Upside of Stress”, is one I thoroughly enjoyed reading as much of it lends nicely to most of many of my posts on the power of perception, choice, and committing consciously to cultivating a mindset that embraces anabolic energy. Energy that is solution focused and enables us to no longer view stress, life challenges, setbacks or undesirable outcomes as failures and situations to be feared. Rather these experiences, when our hearts feel heavy or are nerves start to race (aka also know as stress), can actually be opportunities to learn that something we care about deeply is occurring and that getting rid of stress is not the objective but getting better at stress is. By understanding it, embracing it, and using it Dr. Kelly McGonigal shares cutting edge research and proven strategies that builds a convincing case behind the concept that stress can actually be good for you…a worthy read for all of us!

Wishing You The Best Of Success