Keep It Real

 January 2017 Insights

We each have our own unique way of learning, playing, living, and being. Greater success and happiness can only come when we are clear about who we are and what we value. Living our lives according to other people’s purpose is futile if we are truly seeking satisfaction and fulfillment within our own lives. The first step to accessing a thriving life is understanding what enhances the way YOU show up!

living_authenticallyWhat better way to move forward into this new year then to cultivate the practice of living life authentically. When we operate from a place of authenticity we can then better determine how to put our best effort into areas that will have the greatest impact on our wellbeing.  Think about it, when you are not your true authentic self, there becomes inevitably a level of effort possibly even a level of force involved because it requires you “trying” to be something or someone you’re not. Which then in turn can be draining and actually detracting from obtaining feelings of self-fulfillment and wellness overall.

Though this is a subject matter I’ve touched upon a great deal through posts on the significance of knowing your core values and the wheel of life exercise (see November and October 2015 posts for downloads and specifics), I’d like to take it a step further in this month’s newsletter and share another insightful exercise. This exercise is a bit different then the others and is designed to more specifically assist with obtaining greater understanding of how our strengths, gifts, qualities, and values meld together to form who we are.


The Who I Am Exercise

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Step 1: Identify your key descriptors. Think about the following questions as you brainstorm a list.

  • What are the 5-10 most important values in your life?
  • How would you describe the attributes you like most about yourself?
  • What do other people admire most about you and what is the impact you have on them?
  • What do you think the people who are closest to you would say is special and unique about you?
  • What core beliefs about life serve you best?
  • What makes you unique, standing out from others?
  • What makes you feel passionate, most satisfied, and most fulfilled?
  • If you had to name one feeling that you would like to have most often, what would it be?

Step 2: Put an X by the 5-10 most important words, and convert those 5-10 descriptors to nouns. (For example, if being healthy is one key descriptor, convert that to health, if honest is one, convert that to honesty).

Step 3: Take these nouns, and make them into “I Am” statements. Feel free to combine more than one concept or idea in each statement. You should have at least 5 statements, beginning with I Am.

(So, for the examples above, your statements would be “I Am Health” and “I Am Honesty.”)

Step 4: Now, rank each of these statements by numbering them from 1, being the most powerful/descriptive of the ideal you, to the last on your list, being the least powerful/descriptor of the list. Then record your final “I Am statements, in rank order.

Step 5: Finally, seriously consider all of your  “I Am” statements in relation to how you are currently showing up.

The ultimate objective of this exercise is to learn what adjustments you think you can  make to truly live your life authentically. You will also now have a list of “I Am” affirmations that you’ll be able to reference to “remind” you of who you truly you are and how you want to show up…something so easy to lose sight of in today’s crazy face-paced world.

Wishing You Always The Best Of Success