What’s Your Idea Of A Thriving Woman’s Life

 January2016 Insights

I know…I know you’ve all heard me say it before but really I can’t say it enough and what better time than the new year to ask once again, HOW DO YOU WANT TO SHOW UP IN YOUR LIFE? As you all know I often like to take my monthly newsletters to put a different spin on the value of knowing how to advance ourselves to best be able to put our greatest efforts into the areas of our lives that will truly have the most significant impact on our well-being.

blog_jan15There have been many tools and strategies I’ve shared through my monthly newsletters over the years, all of which that support the importance of having a strong understanding of what it is we seek, desire, and aspire to experience to provide insights to assist ourselves to our greatest potential. The intention is to start with a bigger picture so we can then break it down and develop a roadmap that will ultimately lead us to a life filled with more successes and greater happiness across the board.

So as we all begin to contemplate the promises that 2016 may offer us, I’d like to leave as little to chance as possible and suggest yet another way to get really clear on how you what to show up this new year so you can then best align yourself accordingly. Consider first what does a thriving woman’s life look and feel like to you, actually list all of the qualities you can to describe your idea of the ideal image of the woman you want to be. For some that may include characteristics like healthy & fit, smart, funny, cultured, organized, articulate, compassionate, friendly, positive, patient, accountable, adventuresome, open & fair minded, etc… Examine all the aspects in your life that are important for you to thrive in (i.e. personal development, family/parenting, career/profession, health/wellness, social/intimate relationships, fun/enjoyment, spiritual awareness) and list all the descriptives you can think of including attitudes, beliefs and behaviors that embody a thriving woman’s life. Then from there for each item you list, rate yourself on a scale of 1 to 10 (1 represents a complete opposite and 10 represents an exact likeness) on how you currently compare to your ideal image. As you go through this exercise you’ll begin to discover your strengths as well as your gaps, providing insights as to where you may want to focus greater attention to this coming year. Once you pinpoint those areas you would like to improve upon most, it’s time to get busy and ask yourself daily how can you support yourself to bridge those gaps leading to your ideal thriving woman’s life. And for anyone interested in taking this exercise one step further, don’t hesitate to contact me for a complimentary session. Do this suggested “life assignment” then call or email me, and we’ll set up a time to strategize on how you can begin to create more for yourself!

Wishing You The Best Of Success