It Doesn’t Have To Be So Intense

 May 2014 Insights

Ok, let’s change gears and lighten it up a bit this month. Yes, I know last newsletter I asked you guys to dig deep and invest some serious time in getting clear about those personal, internal challenges getting in your way of greater success and happiness. But this month we are going to bring it down a notch. Though undoubtably, getting clear from the inside out is a necessary reality for anyone seeking their higher potential, sometimes what gets in our way isn’t all that complicated nor emotionally charged.

blog_apr14That’s why this month I’d like to consider looking at the less intimate and more external reasons why sometimes we become blocked and unable to reach our goals. Often what may be preventing us from achieving what we want most is more tangible and resolvable then we think. Our lack of progress may simply have more  to do with the reality that you have limited time and money. Or possibly need to acquire new skills, improve your health, repair or get necessary resources to complete a task. Or how about enhance your communication skills and develop better support systems to provide for necessary childcare or greater motivation and inspiration.

Whew! It seems like you may just not have to move mountains after all to reach your goals! But be careful you don’t want to fall into the common trap of making excuses for your lack of self-growth. Sure, I get it, there are some things outside of our control that we only have limited ability to change. Clearly, there’s not much we can do about the fact that there’s only 24 hours in a day, 7days in a week or only have so much money available to us at one given time. But maybe for example there is something different we can do to manage our time and money more effectively, so ultimately we can further our growth. Ask yourself, “how true is it that you really don’t have enough time/money to do what you want to do?” , “What are you saying yes and no to? And what is it you can do differently to manage them more effectively?

My point being not so much about time and money management but more about not letting external roadblocks turn into internal conflicts. Be truthful about what’s getting in your way of your potential, maybe it is simply a matter of better time/money management skills, seeing that doctor about those migraines you’re having or enrolling in a course to advance your computer skills. But be sure and distinguish the difference between internal and external roadblocks, otherwise you may be just spinning your own wheels!


Wishing You Well