Creating and loving the life one wants can happen for every woman. As a women’s empowerment life coach I have crafted and fine-tuned my coaching programs to support the personal and/or professional growth of each woman I work with depending on their objectives and desired experiences. Overall, my coaching programs address 6 key elements.
  • First and foremost is obtaining the awareness and clarity of where you are currently at and where you’d like to be.

  • Secondly, is identifying those areas/aspects of your life that have the greatest impact on your wellbeing.

  • Thirdly, is learning to transform stress that works for you rather than against you (e.g. dynamic communication, effective time management, creative problem solving, conflict resolution, productivity &. drive).

  • Fourth, is the acquirement of self-care practices that fuel your mind, body, and spirit.

  • Fifth, we squash self doubts that may be hindering accessing your greater potential and/or preventing you from breaking through life plateaus.

  • And finally, we address cultivation of long-term, sustainable levels of success and greater well being to obtain all you aspire for long after our working relationship comes to an end.

Generally, there are 10 types of programs I offer. I have found these programs varied enough to meet most women’s successes. Regardless, which way you go, each program is designed to educate my clients with tangible, applicable knowledge, share proven strategies and empowering life tools, while always integrating varied introspective exercises to ensure my clients are fully involved in the evolution of their development. 


COR.E Dynamics Personal Program 

 Pricing is based on preference of depth of program 

  • The most comprehensive coaching program offered, integrating the Live2Thrive profile (optional) and private one-on-one coaching sessions that include a customized learning process (click here or see COR.E Dynamics link for specifics) with the use of up to 3 manuals.
  • Regardless of the desired depth of the program, unlimited e-mail/text support is available as well as “brief connection” calls throughout clients coaching program.


The Science of Happiness Simplified Course


Join Holly along with an intimate group of like-minded women for her exclusive on-line very hands-on experience. Over a 9 week journey through a deep dive into 4 Pillars to Wellbeing-Body, Mind, Heart, and Spirit you will gain a thorough understanding behind the science of happiness and personal transformation. Acquiring research based knowledge, strategies, tools, and practices that will exponentially improve the way you see, perceive, and experience the world. Click here to Tour of Program.


 Live2Thrive Signature Program


  • Different than most packages in that this life coaching experience incorporates the Live2Thrive profile, two private individual sessions along with 4 dynamic live group experiences. This distinctive program is a fantastic opportunity to receive in-depth personal attention while also enriching your coaching experience by joining other like-minded women, who are also invested and committed to living a more fulfilling life. See an example of a signature program.

*Programs form monthly. Should you have an interest in forming your own private group a minimum of 3 participants are required. The live group experience (which also can be done through a teleseminar format for greater convenience) is scheduled according to the participants availability.


Learn, Share & Connect 

Monthly Self -Enhancement Groups 

$150 (3-month commitment required), $50 per 75-minute group

Join Holly and other like-minded women invested in living a more fulfilling life for monthly self-development group workshops. Learn personal strategies to strengthen any and every aspect of your life. Identify what may be draining your energy and create a new awareness of yourself. Topics may include but not limited to: Aligning with Core Values, Time Management/Balance, Barriers to Success, Goal Setting, Emotional Awareness, Effective Communication, Physical, Spiritual, Mental Wellness, Power of Thoughts, Living Abundantly, Your Ideal Image, Turning Ambitions into Realities.
*Groups form monthly. Private Groups are welcomed but must have a minimum of 3 participants per group. Generally, groups are held either in the late morning or early afternoon. Evening groups are available but limited.

 Women Breaking Boundaries

 Mastermind Groups

Ranges from $500-$460 for a 3-month commitment

  • Different then Monthly Self-Enhancement groups, the Mastermind groups are a “pow-wow” of sorts. While Holly organizes, facilitates, and shares relevant mindset strategies and tactics, each member also plays a vital role in assisting other members growth. It is through the collaboration of shared ideas, challenges, successes, setbacks, and opportunities where synergy is created having a profound impact on each woman’s personal and/or professional development. The group comes together to support each other to work to their highest potential and hold each other accountable. Based on participants preference, Mastermind groups are provided monthly from anywhere between 3 to 4 hours long (depending on number of members in the group), lunch/dinner is included or bi-weekly gatherings for 2 hours in length, refreshments are included

Private Groups are welcomed but must have a minimum of 3 participants per group. Generally, groups are held weekdays during the day or evening. Weekend groups are available but limited. 


Live2Thrive Profile 

$235 for assessment and 60min coaching session to review its results (see website link for profile specifics)  

  • A highly effective coaching tool used to access what holds women back from being the best they can be. A 20-minute online assessment is sent to you. Once you complete the assessment the results are sent to me within 48hrs. I then contact you to schedule a private 60-minute coaching session to go over your results either over the phone or in person.  

*A specific website link for the Live2Thrive Profile is available for further information, see above


Live2Thrive Private Package 

$1595 for Live2Thrive Profile (assessment & 60-minute coaching session to review its results).
Plus 12 weeks of private one-on-one coaching  

Ideal for those individuals who are looking to leave no stones unturned. With the incorporation of the Live2Thrive profile, client and coach obtain heightened clarity to maximize coaching experience Live2Thrive Profile (assessment & 60 minutes debrief coaching session)  

  • 12 weeks of 50-minute coaching sessions
  • Unlimited e-mail support and two monthly “emergency” connection calls should you want to connect in-between scheduled sessions
  • Downloads & handouts designed specifically for your coaching program


The “Priority” Private Package

$1,385 for a 12-week program 

Package is customized to address the 6 key elements (shared above) that lead to a thriving lifestyle 
  • 12 weeks of 50-minute weekly coaching sessions
  • Unlimited e-mail support and two monthly “emergency” connection calls should you want to connect in-between scheduled session
  • Downloads & handouts designed specifically for your coaching program


The “Flex” Private Package 

$480 for 4-week program  

This package is flexible for setting your own agenda. It gives you the opportunity to experience significant personal change without a long-term commitment.  

  • 4 weeks of 50-minute coaching sessions
  • Unlimited e-mail support and 2 monthly “emergency” connection calls should you want to connect in between scheduled sessions
  • Downloads & handouts designed specifically for your coaching program


The “Specific Strategy” Private Package 

 $160 for one 75 min  session 

  • For laser focus on one area or challenge. Perfect for brainstorming, gaining clarity and motivation on an upcoming project, experiencing a specific issue in a relationship or encountering frustrations with a current goal you set for yourself


You deserve to love your life, the time to start is now! 

Contact me to set up a complimentary session and start experiencing the difference.


*Please note, prices of packages are based on sessions conducted at my office and/or over the telephone. Should you prefer sessions occur at your home or office, I will happily travel to you but will need to consider additional cost based on your location. Thank you.