Mastermind groups


Different then Monthly Self-Enhancement groups, the Mastermind groups are a “pow-wow” of sorts. While Holly organizes, facilitates, and shares relevant mindset strategies and tactics, each member also plays a vital role in assisting other members growth. It is through the collaboration of shared ideas, challenges, successes, setbacks, and opportunities where synergy is created having a profound impact on each woman’s personal and/or professional development.

The group comes together to support each other to work to their highest potential and hold each other accountable. Based on participants preference, Mastermind groups are provided monthly from anywhere between 3 to 4 hours long (depending on the number of members in the group), lunch/dinner is included or bi-weekly gatherings for 2 hours in length, refreshments are included.

Careful consideration of group formation is based on participant commonalities and objectives

Private Groups are welcomed but must have a minimum of 3 participants per group. Generally, groups are held weekdays during the day or evening. Weekend groups are available but limited.