Live the best life you can live!


Join Holly Boxenhorn for this exceptional opportunity to experience the best of all her coaching modalities.  This distinctive program not only offers in-depth personal attention to each woman who participates but greater enrichment by joining other like-minded women, who are also invested and committed to living a more fulfilling life! Finally do something solely for yourself that will literally enhance any and every aspect of your life without feeling like you’ve added another thing to your “to do” list.

Learn How To:

* Turn ambitions into reality

* Eliminate what is undermining you from greater success & happiness

* Build on your strengths & bridge your gaps

* Discover simple yet transformative daily approaches for living life more fully & effectively

* Strategize your life objectives

What You’ll Get:

•  Live2Thrive Profile, a 20 minute on line assessment will be sent to each participant and then a 60 minute coaching session will be scheduled with each woman privately providing  the insights gleaned to create a thriving life
•  Two additional 50-minute private individual coaching sessions
•  Four 75 minute motivational live group experiences
•  Workbooks/Handouts designed specifically for this program

*Programs form monthly. Should you have interest in forming your own private group a minimum of 3 participants are required and no more than 7 is suggested. The live group experience (which also can be done through a teleseminar format for greater convenience) can be scheduled accordingly to the participants availability.