The first step is to contact me and set up a complimentary 30 minute consultation to discuss your goals (career, relationships, self-esteem, health, etc.), exchange a bit about your personal history, and determine your availability and recommended program for success. Typically I work with clients in person and more commonly and conveniently over the phone.

While working together we will:

  • Assess what is making you feel dissatisfied, unmotivated, or unclear of what you need to feel more fulfilled
  • Aid you in ridding yourself of self sabotaging behaviors and thoughts
  • Assist you in setting personalized goals
  • Provide strategies to help you achieve and maintain your goals
  • Help you make empowering choices in your life
  • Develop ways to build positive relationships with all the people in your life so to enhance your life rather than drain it
  • Determine more effective ways to manage life stressors (i.e. exercise, diet, organization, relaxation, etc.)