The Secret To Thriving

May 2017 Insights

want_greater_success_and_happinessIt’s not as hard as some would think. Yes, agreed life is challenging and often times complicated and downright messy but with the right “tools” and of course mindset every woman can live a life with greater ease and purpose. Going back many newsletters ago I referenced a great coaching tool called the Wheel of Life (can be seen below and available on my website to print out under the link titled Valuable Downloads), this wheel highlights 8 aspects  of one’s life.  Now working over 6 years as a women’s empowerment coach, I am able to confirm and know that the happiest and most successful women are those that attend to most aspects indicated on that wheel (a minimum of 6). Even if for some, those aspects, only consume an hour or two within their week. The objective here is to be present, “show up”, in as many of those “slices” of that wheel as possible. It’s not so much how much time one commits to these aspects but more importantly that they do.

Of course, for many of us, a large chunk of our time will be designated towards work and family responsibilities, defining other aspects of the wheel that are most important to us will be key to our greater happiness and success, as they will become what I like to refer to as our “non-negotiables”. If having time to work out is a priority, make sure to plan for it on your weekly calendar. Date night, family dinners, coffee with friends add that too. You know what work you need to attend to in order to organize your home and manage your career…the further in advance you calendar these valued aspects of your life, the greater the chance you’ll have of aligning with them.

holly_wheel_of_lifeNext design your boundaries. Don’t expect your work, family, and friends to know what will secure your happiness and success in life. Decide reasonable times to attend to your “non-negotiables”. Protecting your wellbeing across the board is your job. If need be wake up one hour earlier a few days a week so that you can pace yourself, answer a few emails, throw in a load of wash, have a cup of coffee and set the tone for the day. Moreover, get rid of that feeling called guilt. Honestly, in my eyes it’s just a wasted emotion. The best thing you can do for yourself and those around you is be present and engaged at your tasks at hand, whether it be at work, play, or home….if your too busy operating your actions based on feelings of guilt, you’ll always be thinking about what you should be doing rather than what you are actually doing!

Lastly, embrace imperfection. Don’t get caught up in all the should of’s, would of’s and could of’s. Sometimes life gets in the way. Striving for perfection (i.e. attending to all our non-negotiables all the time) is not the intent here. Staying committed to our aspirations is, even if we need to begin again, and again, and again.


Wishing You Always The Best Of Success