Giving Thanks

 November 2014 Insights

The other day someone asked me, “what’s one of the best decisions you’ve ever made?” Without hesitation, I said becoming a women’s leadership coach. Now of course I’ve made some other instrumental decisions in my life, like marrying one of the greatest people I know and then of course creating a family with him. There was also the decision of welcoming a 75lb dog into our lives and I have to admit purchasing a Keurig coffee machine rates rather high on good decisions made. However, the question in and of itself- “What’s One of the Best Decision I’ve Ever Made”- really got me thinking and why was leadership coaching the first thing I blurted out?

blog_giving_thanks_nov14After giving it some considerable thought, I decided to take this month’s Keys to Success Insights to share my discoveries and even more importantly express my gratitude for having the opportunity to become a coach. Unlike other good decisions I have made in my life, becoming a women’s leadership coach was not something I planned or hoped for like marriage and children. Rather, professionally I  was quiet happy and content with my former “job” as a psychotherapist. So making the decision to transition from therapist to coach wasn’t as simple as some would think. Yet now, I cannot even imagine having made any other decision. Becoming a women’s leadership coach has not only expanded my growth on a professional level but personal. In order to effectively share the principles that support my coaching program, I must walk the talk and practice what I preach. So not only do I have the awesome opportunity to partner with women to create a life they love living but I have the good fortune of having the constant exposure to what I believe are the “secrets” to living a life most successfully and happily. Though creating a business from the ground up has been one of the most challenging things I have ever undertaken, requiring a lot of blood, sweat, and tears, I often cannot believe how much I look forward to “working”. This may sound kinda hokey but it’s a really cool thing to be apart a woman’s journey for greater self-development and bear witness to the creation of a life filled with greater confidence, fulfillment and overall happiness. Come on you gotta admit, being around women wanting more for themselves can be pretty inspiring stuff!

So since November is typically the month we are especially reminded of giving thanks, I thought it fitting to take my November newsletter and share my gratitude and appreciation for all those women who allow me into their lives, my husband for being the one who suggested changing careers to life coaching and of course family and friends that have supported me through this journey. I promise to pay it forward!

Wishing Everyone A Very Happy Thanksgiving