Live LifeMore Fearlessly

April 2017 Insights

Fear is something with which most of us are well-acquainted with. People are afraid of dying, of being injured, and of being alone since we were created. Though most people would argue that external events and people are what cause us to feel fearful it is actually our thoughts about our external experiences that create our fears. The worries (thoughts) that keep us awake at night, hold us back from opportunities each day. Of course, there are situations that rightfully cause us fear (for example, it is perfectly reasonable to be afraid if you are facing someone with a gun pointed at you) but most of the things that we fear are not life threatening.

monster_under_bed2Fear is actually born out of self-protection. We fear losing what we have and want to keep. It is the mind’s natural response to insulate us as it tries to stop us from feeling pain. But unfortunately in many instances, fear holds us back from trying something new or different. We are afraid to make a certain move, take on a new behavior in fear that we may fail, be embarrassed, make a mistake, lose someone or something. Quite often for many, we fear the unknown while for some may even fear success (i.e. doubting how they will keep up with it and what impact will it have on other aspects of their lives). Often, as a result, we then play it safe and likely aim small, not giving ourselves opportunities to grow, tap into our potential, and enrich our lives.

According to current research, 85% of things feared never occur, 88% of health concerns never happen, and only 8% of our worries are actually over legitimate troubles. Clearly, the things we fear seem to be more a matter of fabricated possibilities opposed to realities. So why not prove those fabricated possibilities wrong. Write down those thoughts that are supporting your fears and challenge them. Challenge them almost as if you were an attorney in a very important case challenging a witness. Proving not only a shadow of a doubt that any fear is as I said just a mere fabricated thought but that your fear is actually downright wrong. Kinda like when we were young and feared a monster in our closet or under our bed, once we turn the lights on (a.k.a-assume more control over our thoughts) we realize the monster really does not exist.

Turn those lights on, challenge those thoughts creating any fear and prove them wrong! Look under your bed and soon you will see, there are no hidden monsters only the possibility of an enhanced future.

 Wishing You Always The Best Of Success