Core Values…gotta get some today!

 November 2015 Insights

Hard to believe the end of the year is near and the advent of the holiday season is upon us. Perfect time to return back to the practice of aligning with our core values and revisit the Values Clarification exercise, an instrumental and worthy coaching tool that further expands on last month’s Keys To Success Insights; the importance of knowing what in life really matters the most to us. Whether it be due to your busy and hectic lifestyles or falling prey to living by other peoples priorities, it is not uncommon to lose sight of how to put your best effort into those areas that will have the greatest impact in YOUR life.

core_valuesOnce we get clear on what core values resonate for us, we can then use them to keep us more sane, productive, and ultimately successful regardless what our current circumstances are and where we want to be in the future. By definition, core values are the principles that people live by. They are highly personal points of reference that emotionally affect and inspire us to take action. Once we are clear about those core values integral to our lives, we can then make better decisions to support them and from there implement daily actions to honor them. Taking the time to get well acquainted with our core values is a worthwhile investment of time, proving to be an asset with:

3 Key Reasons To Define Your Core Values Today

  • Organizing & Prioritizing Our Lives-Once you are clear about what’s most important to you, you can then develop your “to do” list so that your daily actions align with your core values, making it easier to say yes or no to commitments and more importantly reduce wasted time that often results from being fragmented in too many directions. So for example, let’s say a feeling of connectedness is a core value for you, it would make sense to commit time in your week to get together with friends for lunch, or possibly attend a work related networking event, maybe even plan a much overdo couple’s weekend for you and your significant other. Core values serve as a personal compass, providing direction and clarity on how to best live your life.
  • Assisting In Making Big & Small Decisions-Sometimes when we find ourselves torn trying to make a decision-whether it be as big as determining a health related concern or maybe less pressing as what gift you should buy your dearest friend for her birthday-calling upon your core values can help you make these decisions. Since core values remind us of what makes sense to us in a truly personal, intimate way, you can then use them to guide you in making a decision that aligns and honors them best. This not only helps the decision making process a bit easier but you can rest better and have greater peace of mind knowing you are being true to yourself when you do make a final decision. Hopefully, eliminating all that second guessing and self-doubt we often do to ourselves.
  • Obtaining & Sustaining Our Motivation Levels-Having a true buy-in is a critical component to achieving our goals. Frustrations and setbacks are part of the journey to greater self-development. Since core values are highly emotionally charged we can use them as fuel by tying them into our desired end game, enhancing our drive and motivation levels.

Take the time today to download the Values Clarification exercise, carve out 30 minutes of alone time and hone in on your top 5 core values. For those interested in taking this exercise one step further to create life objectives that support their core values, don’t hesitate to contact me for a complimentary session. Complete the exercise, call or email me and we’ll set up a time to fine tune your value hierarchy.


Wishing You The Best Of Success