Big Problem or Huge Opportunity?

September 2016 Insights

A company once sent two shoe salespeople to an area in Africa where they had never sold any shoes. One was their senior, most experienced salesperson, Margo, and they expected big things of her. The other was an optimistic rookie named Cynthia. She didn’t have as much experience, but she had a lot of enthusiasm. They figured she might be able to sell a few pair of shoes. Shortly after their arrival in Africa, Margo, the experienced salesperson emailed the home office saying, “You might as well bring me back. Nobody here wears shoes.” The rookie, Cynthia, wired the home office an urgent message: “Send me all the shoes you’ve got. Nobody here is wearing shoes!”

newsletter_problem_solutionYou may have heard this “joke” before-but it illustrates a key difference between catabolic and anabolic thinkers. Two people, faced with the same situation, yet having totally different reactions.What’s the difference between them? In a word, it’s energy- Margo is catabolic and Cynthia is anabolic. Catabolic people see problems and challenges everywhere, and in everything. Anabolic people see opportunity and possibility. And not only do they see opportunity, but they take action to capitalize on it.

Most of the time, people focus on what’s wrong- in their lives, their businesses, the world.They complain, moan, and don’t take a lot of action-and why would they, because they just know that there are more problems and challenges ahead. This is catabolic, draining, limiting, distracting energy-and it surrounds us everyday.

People with anabolic energy (supporting, positive, expanding) find opportunity in everything. They don’t see the bad and make it a good; they truly only see opportunity in all that happens. They look at a situation and ask “what’s working here?” They don’t see problems or challenges, just exciting adventures and chances to make things work better.

So while a catabolic person might get upset and angry if one of her customers took her business to a competitor, an anabolic person would look at that situation as a chance not only to get the customer back, but to also change and improve the circumstances that led to the customer leaving in the first place.

As you go through your day, look at your response to what’s happening around you. Remember that your perceptions create your energy level, and that creates your reality-the world you know. And most importantly, remember as I have been sharing in recent past newsletters that you can learn to choose your response and begin to shift from catabolic to anabolic energy. Ask those solution-focused questions of “what’s right?” and “what’s next?” After all, it’s your world, and you can create it as you wish.

 Wishing You Always The Best Of Success